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November 1 - March 31
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Activity Calendar
The KOFA Ko-op Activity Calendar is online - all the time - anytime,  updated by the Activity Committee and its volunteers. Click on any event to view more details.  The calendar is also available in print located on the Activities bulletin board. Click the title, image or here!
  Do you want to post an event on the Calendar?  Click here!
Do you have a last minute update for an event currently on the calendar?
Email calendar@kofako-op.com or drop a note in Box # 158.
Thank you for your support.
Activities Committee - Box 158
Co-Chair:   Pat Dunkel # 62 Co-Chair:   Wendy Rose # 15
You can contact the Chairs anytime by email: activities@kofako-op.com or drop a note into Activities - Box 158

If you wish to participate in this committee, please attend the next committee meeting as noted on the
Activity Calendar, speak to or email the committee Chairs or, drop a note into Box 158 - Activities.
Your contribution is valued with our thanks!

Committee Minutes Click/Touch any link marked in blue for more details. Board Guidelines
Volunteer Guidelines                            Last Update: 01/15/2018
Volunteers are asked to review their sub-committee guidelines & provide the Chair updates of their procedures.
Updates are sent to the Committee Chair only, for their approval.   Only you can makes this Committee better!
Click here to update.  Thank you for your support.
Note from the Chair: 
We want to improve these guidelines. Share your ideas.  You can ease the load for the next volunteer. Thank you for your support and efforts.

Since we belong to a Ko-op, personal mileage will be reimbursed only with the prior approval of the Board of Directors. All expenditures must be approved in writing by the Committee or Liaison Board Member  in advance of any monies spent. This includes purchases made with cash expenditures from petty cash.  If NOT  APPROVED in writing beforehand, the buyer WILL NOT be reimbursed.

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