Last Update: 03/31/2017
Chair, Co-Chair, 
  1. Communicate and work with your Co-Chair and fellow members and volunteers to complete assignments.

  2. Call Meetings - The 1st committee meeting MUST be called to order before the first Board meeting held 'in season' on or after Nov 1 of each year, 2nd meeting on or before December 15 of each year followed by a second meeting held on or before March 1 of each/following year.

  3. Report/Provide a Budget Proposal - Committee budget requests are considered by the Board of Directors before the Annual General Meeting.  Therefore any Committee requests must be submitted to the Board on or before Dec 10 of each year.  Approved, modified or rejected budget submissions are announced on or before the Annual General Meeting.

  4. Maintain good key control.  Members must sign for a key and agree not to duplicate or loan the key to anyone not on the committee and ensure all keys are turned in to the office at the end of a committee person's stay.

  5. Maintain a record of the tasks to be scheduled on a reoccurring basis.

  6. Provide ample warning of an interruption in the parks operation.

  7. Scheduling the annual work to be done during the current season.

  8. Oversea the daily progress of the members and insure safe operations.

  9. Coordinate manpower and supplies.

  10. Ensure all committee members have a copy of their assignment guidelines including the proper record or log forms and worksheets to ensure they are filled out correctly and submitted to the appropriate place.

  11. Ensure members provide data updates to the Activity website including meeting minutes and reports.

  12. Encourage members to develop new procedures and processes to make their job easier and record and report changes to the Chair for review and inclusion in the Activity website.

  13. Seek out new committee members.

  14. Provide announcements at the Ice Cream Social every Sunday.  (Protocol)

Treasurer Guidelines:

Over the past number of years, the responsibility of the treasurer has been adopted by the Chair.  In the event the Chair decides to delegate the responsibility of the Treasurer to a volunteer, the guidelines for the Treasurer will be maintained in a separate file.