Sunday Ice Cream Announcement Protocol
(Fill in blanks before beginning)


Before 6 pm: _____________________________is selling 50/50 tickets.  You have _____ more minutes.

Exactly 6 pm:  Welcome remarks (including your Name & Lot #)  Scoops are $  .75 each.


Ice Cream flavors available tonight:


Invite those with physical constraints go first, followed by those who are new to the park and those at their tables. Lastly, everyone else get in line.

                                      Begin announcements only when dippers are seated with ice cream.

Thank the dippers:


                                                                                               and the lady at the cash box:

Announce dollar value of 50/50 draw:  $                                      Thank persons doing 50/50:


Draw ticket a award prize.

Remind 50/50 winner:                                                               they will need to sell tickets next Sunday.

Ask newcomers to raise hands. Hand them mike to introduce themselves.  Ask for those leaving and inquire to their future plans.

Remind everyone that they should wear name tags as a courtesy to other guests.

Remind everyone the park needs people to close the pool (sign-up sheet on Activity desk).

Ask for Host volunteers for our Wednesday potlucks.

Special Activities or new activities coming up this week:













Ask if there are any other announcements.  Where possible have the person make their own announcement.

Announce for all to please remember to clean up around you and push your chair in when you leave.  Thank you  Have a great week.