Last Update: 11/30/2017  
Guidelines: Pool/Billiards

  • Keep area clean by washing the windowsills, pool stick holders, pool stick shelves, etc.

  • Gently vacuum pool tables once a week (usually just before a tournament). Do not use a brush or a beater on the tables. This stretches the cloth. 

  • Wipe down the rails regularly with a furniture polish, or sometimes just water, being very careful not to touch the felt with anything wet.

  • Wash and polish the pool balls about twice a season with warm water and a little dish soap.

  • Maintain the pool cues as needed. 

  • Make sure pool tables are covered when not in use.

  • Order “Master” chalk as needed from the Office Manager.


  • Run the pool tournament every Wed. at 1 p.m. by signing in the players with the sign-up sheet, pick numbers from the “peas” that are in the little brown container, to determine the order of play.

  • List the players names on the “brackets” provided and use them to keep play organized. A selection of various winner/loser bracket layouts is available here.  When a winner is determined, place their name on the Activities board, and give player the winner's badge.

  • KOFA follows the same rules provided by the City of Yuma Dept. of Parks & Recreation for the Senior Games. If there is a discrepancy, the written rules apply. For a copy of the rules, click here.
  • For Activities, please post the winner of the weekly Tournaments on the Billiard/Pool flyer located on the Activities bulletin board.  Use the pen/marker used for the white board.  Paper towels are located in the kitchen/bathrooms.  Thank you.
  • When getting low on any papers, have the manager print/photocopy more.

  • Run two annual tournaments, one for singles and one for partners, determining date either in late January or February. Partners are chosen by pulling “peas”.

  • When there is a winner, remove the plaques from the wall (or just take a picture of them so she can match the name tags) and take to Sonja's Banners Plus - 2899 S. Shari Ave. #C (928)343-0999