Last Update: 01/15/2018
Guidelines: Activity Supplies

The assigned “shopper” will go out once a week to do the necessary buying.

There is a recorder book in the Kitchen/Craft room next to the refrigerator. This is where the necessary items that are needed to be purchased is kept. When the items are bought the book should reflect that it has be completed.

The primary shopping is done at Smart and Final. The office has a credit card that is used for purchasing there. Sign out the credit card and take it with you.

When cashing out from stores, request duplicate receipts. One will go to the office, and the second goes to Activities Chairperson. If it is necessary to purchase anything from another store get receipt and fill out the Payment Request form. Attach the receipt to the form and have the necessary signatures done, then hand it into the office for repayment to you.

Suggestion: Photo copy form and receipt for your records until repayment is done.