Last Update: 01/15/2018
Guidelines: Entertainment

Since KOFA does not pay for outside entertainment when looking for people to perform, performers need to be advised they will get donations for their performance only.

The Activities Chair maintains a list of suggestions of previous entertainment, along with ideas for the park to get performers.

Contact groups to set up dates and times. Once they have confirmed, and the Activities Chair has approved the date, fill out a Calendar Event Request. Then a Flyer Request can be submitted for a flyer to post on the Activities board one week prior to the event.

The afternoon prior to the entertainment, set up chairs in the clubhouse.

Arrange to meet with the performers to assist in anything they may require to do their show. Introduce the group at the beginning of the show. About half way through the event, pass two baskets (found in the cupboard over refrigerator). One basket on one each side of the room.

After collecting the donations, take them over to the kitchen and count and organize the cash as discreetly as possible.

At the conclusion of the event, present the donation along with thanks and applause.