Last Update: 01/15/2018
Guidelines: Ice Cream

For Sunday Night ice cream social all ice cream is purchased from Smart and Final. 3 Gallon containers and a verity of 6 flavors is purchased. Toppings for ice cram are also purchased at Smart and Final. Example of toppings are: Crushed nuts, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup.

Get the Smart and Final credit card from the office to do purchases. At check out, request two receipts. One for office, and one for Activities.

On Sunday set up ice cream and topping around 5:30pm to be ready to serve at 6:00pm. Get up to four (4) volunteers to serve ice cream. 1 person to take money. Fill water jugs with hot water to dip scoops into.

Once everyone is served, put ice cream back into chest freezer, and lock. Put toppings away. Then clean up counters, and scoops.

Last get 5 or 6 cloths ready to wash each of the tables once people are done eating .

Specific Guidelines

Additional specific guidelines are suggested and updated by past sub-committees/chairs to aid and assist future committees and volunteers.  We appreciate and acknowledge their unselfish effort.

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