Last Update: 03/27/2017
Activity Assignments

The Committee has volunteer assignments that repeat annually.  Lessons learned - what works and what does not work, are important to record so our volunteers don't waste their time.  Additionally, volunteers come and volunteers go.  It is efficient and important  to avoid 're-inventing the wheel' every time a new volunteer takes on a new assignment.  Therefore, some basic rules must apply:
  • Every assignment, when possible, must have a primary volunteer and a support volunteer.  Often the support person will be the volunteer who previously held the primary position.  Maintaining this rule ensures support for all new volunteers and continuity in how the assignment is managed.
  • No assignment is cast in concrete. New ideas and new ways of doing something are always encouraged.  No one has all the answers.  The Committee wants to take advantage of these opportunities arise.  To do that, each assignment has a procedural guideline.  In short,  'how to do the job.'  It is the responsibility of the primary volunteer to update their assignment guidelines when they improve the process of what they are doing.  This is accomplished with the Update/Report form.  This form goes directly to the Activity Chair who will review it.  It is their responsibility to follow up and contact you with any questions, comments and decision regarding modifying the guidelines.  Please use the Update/Report form, and use it often.

It is important for every volunteer to review their assignment guidelines, then read them a second time.