Last Update: 04/01/2017
Activities Committee Board Guidelines

Since we belong to a co-op, personal mileage will be reimbursed only with the prior approval of the Board of Directors.  All expenditures must be approved by the Committee Chair or the Liaison to the Board of Directors before monies are spent. This includes purchases with cash expenditures from petty cash.  If NOT APPROVED before the purchase, the buyer WILL NOT be reimbursed.

1.      A Chairperson, Co-Chairperson (optional), and Secretary is required to administer this Committee.

a.   Minutes of all meetings shall be taken by the acting Secretary, with copies being submitted to the Chairman, Co-chairman, Activities liaison and to the Webmaster for publication.

b.   The Activity Chair and committee will maintain communication with the Board Liaison.

c.   Monthly and yearly reports will be given orally, and submitted in writing, at each monthly Board meeting as well as the Annual meeting.  The report will be made by a representative of the committee or by a Board member if necessary.

2.   All subcommittees should be posted for sign-ups, by the day of the Annual Meeting.

3.   Activity Chairperson should remove money from the popcorn, coffee, soda machine, ice cream in the refrigerator, White Elephant table and cash box used for meals.

a.   All collected money, along with that from the White Elephant table, Wi-Fi box and soda machine must be counted monthly.  Submit counted and rolled money to the KO-OP office for deposit into the Activity account. The chairperson will submit vouchers for any bills resulting from scheduled activities. (This may be done throughout the month.)  All requests for funds are to be disbursed at the request of the committee chairperson.

b.   A petty cash fund with a maximum of $350 shall be maintained for repayment of minor emergencies purchases. This fund will be maintained out of monies received, before making deposit to the KO-OP office.

c.   The Gold Diggers, who raise funds for the betterment of the park, will place their funds in the KOFA KO-OP general account under a separate account number.  All requests for funds from said account are to be disbursed at the request of the committee chair.

d.   Any Activities’ expenditures above $500 from either account, must be first approved by the KO-OP board.

4.      All activities or fund raising activities of the KO-OP requiring the use of the clubhouse, north or south patios, or culinary craft room will be coordinated/supervised by the chairperson.

a.   The host of the activity needs to have a clean-up committee who does the clean-up and sees to it that any used linens are laundered, surfaces cleaned, & garbage cans emptied, and tables returned to pre-activity positions.

5.       All activities will be noted on the activities calendar.

a. The Activities calendar will be kept up-to-date by a member of the Activity committee.
There shall be an additional printed calendar for general distribution.

b.   Regularly scheduled activities may be cancelled when events of general interest are scheduled for general distribution.

c.   Buying of all supplies for activities, including food, napkins, paper products, cleaning products, etc. as well as seasonal decorations, will be the responsibility of the Activity committee.

d.   Puzzles and games stored store in the game cupboard will be maintained by a member of the Activity committee.

e.   A golf cart is assigned to the Activity Committee.

f.   Maintenance of bulletin boards:

  • Activities Board on west wall of clubhouse

  • KOFA board on N. wall of east foyer

  • Yuma board on S. wall of east foyer

  • sales notices – on dated 3x5 card will be removed after 1 month

  • business cards may be posted for one season only

  • larger notices require approval of chairperson