February 14, 2018
Activities Meeting
Pat Dunkel President

Reading of the last meeting minutes was waived.

Jeannie Frase agreed to sew our '$1,000 Patch' on the KOFA Banner that will be displayed during the Escapade.

Park-wide garage sale will be Feb 17, Saturday, from 8:00 to noon.

The singing group, The Yuma Territorial Prisonaires, will perform Saturday, Feb 17, starting at 7:00 PM.  Donations accepted.

Annual Meeting / Feb 20 / Jeannie Frase & Henny Scholten are in charge of lunch / ham or chicken Subway sandwiches / it is necessary to sign-up, look for the sign-up sheet / provided for Lease Holders and people on the Wait List.  Hail & Farewell Party at 7:00 that evening.

Ed Sprouse reported the advantages of acquiring a big-screen TV for the Clubhouse.  Jim Cooper announced that the Church would donate $600 to cover half of the expenses.  Jeannie Frase made a motion to buy the TV; seconded by Kathy Cooper.  The motion was passed.

Ed Sprouse will be in charge of the acquisition.

Ken Rumelhart requested that we spend $314 for Shuffleboard Cues. The old ones are at least 10 years old, and no longer functional.  Donna Marschall made the motion, seconded by Henny Scholten.  Motion passed.

Fifty dollars was requested from Activities Committee to purchase 'noodles' for the pool.  Motion was made by Sharon Young, seconded by Ken Rumelhart.  Motion passed.

Pat Dunkel & Wendy Rose will both be stepping down as Activities Committee Chairmen, so we are looking for new people to fill these positions. Remember:  We are a Co-op – Volunteer

Gary Grant was absent from the meeting, but composed a very nice letter thanking all those who have helped with the extensive work connected with being on-line.  Committee job descriptions are completed, which will be a tremendous asset to those taking on these positions.  Calendars, sign-up sheets, current updates as well as a myriad of other functions have all been created and made user-friendly.  A password is now required to access this information. Gary is stepping back for a well-deserved break.  Our guidelines are up-to-date and ready for any volunteer revisions.  A call will go forth seeking others to take on these responsibilities.  Thanks, Gary for all you have done.  We know you will keep on eye on things and be available for advice.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Mae Smith, Secretary

Jan 9, 2018
/  Activities Meeting /

Pat Dunkel, President, presiding

Meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM / Minutes read and approved.

No correspondence / No old business.

New Business:

  We have a $1,000 Patch from the CARE Facility.  Molly Pinner suggested we put it with the KOFA banner in the lobby and it was agreed by all that this was a good idea.

 Nancy Grant / Huck Weaving Thursday Jan 11  / 1:00  / $5 fee

Darlene Reddick will be hosting her much-anticipated Winter Tea entitled 'Buttons & Bows' / Jan 26 / 2:00

 Potluck Brunch / Jan 27 / 10 – 11:30 AM

Parker Family Singing Group / Feb 3 / 7:00 PM

This is their anniversary year of singing on the road, and they are coming with one of the original founders, their mother.  Activities Committee will supply a sheet cake to help celebrate this special occasion.

 Pat Dunkel / Washi Tape Cards/ Feb 8 / $3 fee

 Canada Fun Day / Eh? / Feb 10 / 2 pm til 10 pm / Plans still in Progress

Property Use presentation by Linda Scott / Feb 12 / 3:00 /  This talk will concern limiting future growth of park models at KOFA.  (You can read more information on her resume that she wrote after being nominated to run for the Board at KOFA)

Park-wide Sale / Feb 17 / 8 to noon.  Each participating lot will have their 'stuff' outside for viewing and for sale.

Yuma Territorial Prisonaires (Singing Group) / Feb 17 / 7:00 PM

Annual Meeting / Feb 20 / Subway sandwiches will be served for lunch / Hail & Farewell in the evening.


Jeannie Frase made a motion to buy 11 decks of cards for 'Hand & Foot' games.

Seconded by Bonnie Woepke.  Motion passed.

A motion was made by Henny Scholten for Jeannie Frase to supply 'paper copy' calendars to people who request them.  Activities Committee will reimburse Jeannie at 10 cents per copy.  Seconded by Kathy Cooper.  Motion passed.

Carolyn  Swanson made a motion that $100 be donated as a 'gift' for performers, as well as 'passing the hat' following the performance.  Seconded by Carol Mae.  Motion passed.  There will also by an inquiry into the current laws / rules that determine if we can legally pay performers.

Nancy Grant reminded people to turn in Guidelines & Procedures for any position they are holding.  This really helps people get an idea of what is involved,  and helps new people coming onto the job.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45 / Next meeting Wednesday, Feb 14 at 9:00 AM.

Following the meeting, Gary Grant demonstrated how to use the Website to access the calendar and gather information on KOFA events.  There are many advantages to 'going online', including up-to-date information.  You can even enter your own dates and events.  And, it's color-coded.  And,  if you have the right phone, you can even be reminded of events so you are never left out.  Very impressive.  Gary also answered questions. 

Great job, Gary.  Thank You!!! 

Just a reminder.  We will be looking for a new Activities Committee Chairperson at the next meeting as both Pat Dunkel & Wendy Rose will be stepping down.

Put your Volunteer Hat on and get ready for a ride!!!

Respectfully submitted

Carol Mae Smith, Secretary

December 5, 2017 – 10:30 – Activities Meeting –

Pat Dunkel Co-Chairman

Minutes from last meeting read and approved.

Special thanks to Wendy & Ken Rose and all those who made the Thanksgiving Dinner so special, including everyone who attended.

December Events

Dec 14 / 4 to 6 pm / Finger Food / Wine Tasting /  Clubhouse

/ hosted by Brenda Neil

Dec 16 / Breakfast / Eggs McKOFA / Brenda Neil

Cookie Exchange / 1:00 / Bring 3 doz cookies to exchange /

hosted by Lois Kruse  & Carol Mae Smith

Entertainment / Charles Dickens / 7:00 pm at Clubhouse

highly recommended.

Dec 25 / Christmas Dinner / 4:00 Clubhouse /  Hosts Ken & Wendy Rose

Dec 30 / Potluck / 10:00 AM

Dec 31 / New Year's Eve Party (New York Time) / 7:00 to end of party /

Bring Your Own Refreshments ./ Jan Kilwein & Nancy Grant hosts

Caroling & Christmas Parade tentative / Tina & Colleen will be asked to host this event.

Monica Rose & Sandy Perryman volunteered to work on the sign board in front of the office.  People coming to the Clubhouse from the East wanted a board also, and Jan Kilwien suggested we use the board that had previously been used by Chapter 7.  This will solve the problem nicely.

Henny Scholten is making really pretty quilts for children with cancer and donating them to the Children's Hospital in Phoenix. She has made 35 quilts over the summer, and is continuing this 'labor of love' while at KOFA.  A motion was made by Nancy Grant to give her $100 to buy material for the quilts, and seconded by Sandy Perryman.  The motion was carried unanimously. 

Future Events:

Website Presentation by Gary Grant / Gary is doing a great job and we want everyone to know how to use this website.

The Winter Tea hosted by Darlene / TBA

Feb 10 / Celebrating 'Canada Day' – sounds like fun – details to follow.

Feb 20  / Annual Meeting /  Subway sandwiches will be served for lunch.  Carol Mae hosting – details to follow.

Next Activities Meeting will be Jan 9 at 10:30

Meeting adjourned at 11:20

Next Committee Meeting - Tuesday Nov 7, 2017 @ 10:30

Information Demonstration by Gary Grant - March 26, 2017

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge some important people who made this possible - Pat Dunkel, Wendy Rose, Jan Kilwien, Nancy Grant, Barb McKnight and Brenda Neil.  These ladies are current and former Chairs of the Activity Committee.  Without their help and input, these new information procedures may not have been developed.  They are an integral part of the committee today and, I thank them for their support.

As Webmaster, I am officially assigned to the Technical Committee but, I have been working with Activities and its online calendar for over 5 years following its approval by Tom Dunkel, who was then the Activities Chair. 

If you look at the screen above me, you are seeing the current front page of the KOFA Ko-op website found at kofako-op.com.  The Activities Committee webpage is easy to find.  Click on the big word - Activities.

One of the first things you notice on this page is the committees core purpose - Have Fun - Participate - Be Active - Volunteer.  If we can’t have fun, what’s the point of volunteering?

The committee has learned much over the last few years.  With regularly changing Chairs, most recently every two months, we have learned the value of communication.  Communication is now a critical key to everything we do as a committee.

New information procedures are being implemented with the Calendar, Channel 18 and more.  They will improve communications and get our message out to our members and visitors alike - effectively, efficiently, in a positive, supportive and consistent way.

It’s still a learning curve for some on the committee but, members have embraced the concept with excitement.  It has already reduced the stress and workload of the Chair, improved coordination and, increased the flow of information to everyone.

In time, it will simplify volunteer assignments and reduce or eliminate the frustration our volunteers often experienced due to lack of information and support.  Everyone on the committee is dedicated to improving communication and reducing workload.  Many hands make light work.  In the final analysis, its all about us - the volunteers.

Our strength as a committee, as a team, is as strong as our weakest link.  We will be diligent in doing everything possible to strengthen that link.  We will not focus on problems, but learn from our mistakes and seek solutions that will make our team and our activity events, better and easier to execute for the benefit of all.

So let me begin...

We learned quickly that a month long print calendar was out-of-date days after it was printed.  It required a significant effort on the part of our volunteers.  Though we were putting out a lot of information, the information flow was inconsistent and created confusion.  In live display, a monthly calendar had print too small to read on our large monitor and, too much information for the average observer to easily absorb.

It was decided to change the calendar to a weekly display. This made it easier to read on the monitor, easy to print on a single page, and when in print, never out-of-date more than a couple of days before it is replaced with a new up-to-date weekly calendar.  The look and feel are the same, whether online or in print and the flow of information is now consistent and precise.

Online, the calendar can be displayed by day, week, month, quarter and year.  It can be printed easily by clicking on ‘Options’ .  In addition, a user can transfer or export the information from our calendar to their personal calendar such as Outlook or iCal.  Spending just a few minutes online, working the calendar features, will be a very rewarding experience for everyone here.

The committee’s new information procedures also have room to evolve.  There are many software elements to the calendar the committee has yet to discover.  Over time, they will be mastered, for the benefit of our volunteers, members & visitors.

For example, our newest feature is ‘The Reminder.’  Click on any event and a new screen opens displaying details about the event.  Note the reminder option.  Simply enter your email address in the space provided and the system will automatically send you a reminder of the event 24 hours prior to its scheduled start time.  Try it out!  Since this is a user feature, the system will never collect your email address.  We promise!

The calendar is, of course, managed by committee volunteers.  I am pleased to announce, with the committee’s thanks, the calendar assignment this fall will be managed by Bonnie Woepke.  She will do a fantastic job and I am excited to be Bonnie’s backup.  Her work and effort will be rewarded with support, recognition and commitment from the Activities Committee.

We encourage all our members & visitors to volunteer & participate.  The committee now recognizes the importance of acknowledging and supporting our volunteers.  Nobody likes their efforts undermined or ignored.  Our volunteers have made a commitment to us.  The very least we can do is commit to them.

I have been asked by the committee Chair to demonstrate to you today, the process the committee will use to manage new event listings on the activity calendar.  It’s quite simple really.

We have created a form - the Activity Calendar Event Request form.  It asks only for information necessary to permit the Committee Chairs to approve the event, and provide our committee volunteers the information they need to fulfil their assignments.

This form is available online.  The process is faster and more efficient for the committee online.   To get your event into the queue, simply enter the details and click submit. 

The committee recognizes not everyone wants to or has, the ability to go online.  So they adopted a parallel manual system.  A bit more time consuming for all, but who’s watching the clock.

To manually put an event into the queue - fill out this form.  It is identical to the online form and is located beside the printed weekly calendar on the Activities bulletin board.  Simply follow the instructions on the form, complete the form, and place it in Box 158 - Activities.  Too simple? 

Once the event is approved by the Chair and posted on the calendar, the Event Host or the Chair can modify or delete any event on the calendar with a quick email to calendar@kofako-op.com or by dropping a note into Box 158 .

An Event Host may also request a flyer for their event.  The activity bulletin board is now reserved exclusively for the committee’s flyers.  This includes the placement of flyers in the Activity door pockets.  I am happy to report,  again with the committee’s thanks, that Molly Pinner has agreed to take on the flyer assignment this fall. Remarkably, she has already expressed some new and exciting ideas that will make the assignment easier for future flyer volunteers.  Thank you Molly. flyers@kofako-op.com

If the event demands a sign-up sheet, a growing selection of adaptable sign-up sheets is available online and easily printed.  No printer?  A hard copy is always available from the office.  It’s in the RED folder, in the drawer of the second desk and marked  ‘Activity Forms’.  The committee is developing a backup for everything!

This brings us to Channel 18 which has been an integral part of KOFA for over 20 years.  Over time, newer technology has come into play, like the new Activity Calendar. Channel 18 still has a valuable role to play for Activities and our community.

Our new information procedures do not easily permit short term information to be displayed.  We define short term as information with a short shelf life, say 2 weeks or less, and includes things like announcements of new members, board & committee notices, acknowledgment of event winners like shuffleboard, pool tournaments and bingo and of course, members who are ill or passed.  Recognition is important today - especially for those who have worked to achieved them.

Channel 18 is the perfect place to get this information out to the community on short notice.  It displays on cable channel 18 and will now be permanently displayed on the small monitor here in the clubhouse.  If you have an announcement - write it down and drop it in mailbox #159 or send an email to channel18@kofako-op.com.

The volunteers who manage Channel 18 will no longer post events intended for the calendar.  Board reminders now appear on panels that display on the big monitor along with the calendar.  Requests to put event information on Channel 18 will be passed back to the Chair.  The process to distribute new event information is precise.

The committee has not determined the best way to use the white board on the west wall.  However, it too will no longer post new events.  Unauthorized flyers placed on the activity bulletin board or on clubhouse doors will be removed.  The committee’s first obligation is to our hard working volunteers who have committed their time and effort to the committee.  Those volunteers come first.

February 23, 2017

Activities Meeting

Meeting was called to order by February Activities Chair, Brenda Neil. 

In Secretary, Jeannie Frase’s absence, Sharon Young read the minutes of the January meeting as well as those of the special meeting that was called on February 12 for the purpose of authorizing the purchase of a ‘Beverage Cooler’ to replace the pop machine.  Clarence Kilwien corrected the minutes to say that there were 6’ tables purchased rather than 10’ ones.  Nancy Grant made the motion to accept Clarence’s correction.  Motion 2nded and passed.

Sharon then read Jeannie’s report (attached) on the preparation for the upcoming Activities Expo, scheduled for 2pm Monday, February 27.

Brenda introduced Pat Dunkel.  Pat and Wendy Rose have stepped up to offer their services as co-chairmen of Activities for the coming season.  Nancy moved to accept them for the position, seconded and approved. 

Johnie Godby asked if there was any interest in a lady’s target practice group next year.  There were 2 in attendance who would be interested. 

Yearly sign-up sheet for activities positions was passed and everyone was encouraged to take on a task.

Ed Sprouse did a presentation on the possible uses of a ‘Kofa Theater’ which he is suggesting that we purchase.  Molly expressed that it would have been very useful for a power point at the recent ‘Hale and Farewell’.  Ed talked about the possibility of movie nights in the clubhouse.  Ed reported that the KOFA church had volunteered to contribute $300 toward the project.  Discussion followed including one opinion that the church would use this equipment the most and should pay for more of it.  Brenda suggested that the cost might be split 4 ways, between the board, the church, gold diggers, and Activities’ fund raisers.  (Ed was asked to speak to the board on this matter)  Clarence suggested that we wait and think more about this decision. 

The new golf cart was discussed.  It ended costing us only $2800. 

Charley Matulis has agreed to make additional door frames for the activities flyers.

Nancy Grant is looking into the possibility of replacing the ovens in the craft area.

Setting Swim Pool Hours for kids was tabled until such a time as we have a problem.

There has been a desire expressed to have some happy hours in the clubhouse as we have had in the past.  After discussion, it was decided to do them on Wednesdays at 4pm, alternating with the 5pm Potluck socials.  The first Wed. in March will be a Potluck, the 2nd, a Happy Hour the next Wednesday, and so forth.

Upcoming events:

Today- placemat class

Feb 27 Activities Expo

Feb 28 Mardi Gras & Golf Cart Parade

March 1, 15, & 29 – 5pm Potluck Socials

March 2 Wine Tasting

March 4 French Toast Breakfast

March 8 & 22 – 4pm Happy Hour

March 8 Snap-Bag craft project

March 13- 9 am Board Meeting

March 25 – Potluck Brunch

Meeting Adjourned


Jeannie Frase, Secretary


Chairman Pat Dunkel called the meeting to order.

Minutes were read and approved although Jan Kilwien corrected an announcement that was made at the previous meeting.  At that time, it was stated that raffle tickets could not be sold within 72 hours of our regularly scheduled Thursday Bingo.  Jan explained that she had recently learned of a change that had been made in the state gambling guidelines.  The new instruction is that tickets may not be sold within the building within 12 hours before and after Bingo, but that they may be sold at any time outside of these premises.

Pat explained that the co-chairmen had recently had a planning meeting.  One of the subjects addressed was the amount of money there is in the Activities bank account.  The board has expressed their desire that we look for places to spend some of that money…preferably on new activities for the members.  It was suggested that we approach the board about reconsider their decision of last year that we could NOT purchase a golf cart for Activities use.  Marilee Downing, our representative from the board, explained that the Board was concerned about summer maintenance of said golf cart.  Wendy Rose volunteered that she and her husband, Ken, were willing to see to this matter during the summer months.  Brenda Neil made a motion that the club request permission to spend Activities money to purchase and electric cart, not to exceed a cost of $3500.  Sharon Young seconded, and a vote of the membership approved the request.  Members in attendance individually signed the printed request to the board.

Carol Mae Smith reported that there have been complaints about the recent increase in the price for breakfasts.  Wendy Rose made a motion that we return to the original $2 fee for breakfasts.  Judy Livermore seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

The new announcement board outside of the west door is being greatly appreciated, and it was suggested that we need a similar one for the east door.  After some discussion as to need, expense, and so forth, Wendy Rose volunteered to research our options and get back to us with her recommendations.  Concerning timely highlighting of coming events, it was also noted that a 2nd announcement slot needs to be added to each door of the clubhouse.  Presently, it is not possible to post these reminders more than a couple of days ahead of time.

There was discussion about ‘stereos’ or ‘getto blasters’ which are used for line dancing, dances etc.  Clarence says that there are 3 in the clubhouse that are not being used.  Clarence moved, and Stan Wiess seconded that if these units were not being used they needed to be put onto the thrift table to eliminate clutter around the clubhouse.  Carolyn Kendrick reported that none of these units would play her new CD’s.  She feels that another machine is needed.  Doug Pirkel expressed his opinion that there was the need for a machine that was strictly for line dancing use.  Much discussion followed including Clarence Kilwien’s suggestion that line dancing put their music through the clubhouse system.  Judy Livermore moved that as soon as the tech committee has determined that the sound system can be used to hook up a CD player for multiple uses, such as line dancing, dances, etc.,  an adequate player be researched.  Sharon Young seconded.  Motion passed.  Doug Pirkel volunteered to help with this research.

Brenda Neil brought up the fact that at some point ‘dippers’ at Sunday night ice cream had been told to take their ice cream at no charge.  The opinion was expressed that this is a co-op and people do not get paid to volunteer.  To give ice cream to ‘dippers’ presents the question of ‘what about the maintenance crew, landscapers, laundry room and club house cleaners, etc., etc.”  After much discussion, Donna Marshall moved that NO volunteers be paid for any services that they do in the park.  Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.  Judy Livermore seconded and motion passed.

Brenda Neil updated us concerning the Winter Visitor’s Appreciation Dinner which will be held on Wednesday, Feb 8 at 5pm.  Beef brisket will be supplied by the club.  The plan is to have 12 single wide tables with 14 seated at each table.  The 14 will be made up of 8 lease holders and 6 visitors.  Several tables will be set up with 2 extra places in case of the need for last minute additions.  Each of the 8 leaseholders is to provide one dish toward the full meal, including dessert.  Brenda has assigned hostesses for all tables. Since the event is to be held on a Wednesday, it was suggested that it either be scheduled earlier in the day, or that the ‘hand and foot’ tournament for that day be cancelled.  This would make it possible that those in attendance might be able to stay and visit rather than needing to begin clean-up immediately.  Wendy Rose moved to cancel ‘Hand & Foot’.  Judy Tanner seconded and the motion passed.

There was a question about a recall that has come out on Cuisinart blades, since we have one in the kitchen.  Ann Berger informed us that she had already taken care of it and that a replacement should be on the way.  Thank you, Ann.

Thank you to MASA which was here on the 24th and has made a $50 donation to the club.

Jeannie Frase noted that it had been almost a year since we replaced our 8 foot tables with lighter, fiberglass ones, and suggested that we consider going ahead and replacing the other sizes as well.  Clarence Kilwien moved that we replace all 5’ and 6’ tables.  This would be approximately 1- 5’ table and 10- 10’ tables.  Judy seconded and motion passed.

Upcoming activities scheduled at this time include:

-Friday, Jan 27 Winter Tea and Fashion Show – 2-5pm     There are 80 signed up so far.  Proceeds for the raffle of 2 beaded teapots will go to CARE.  There has been $1112. Raised to date, which qualifies KOFA to receive a patch from Escapees for their donation.

-Thursday, Feb 2-  4-6pm - Wine Tasting with Brenda

-Saturday, Feb 4 – 7pm -Gospel Sing

-Wednesday, Feb 8 - 5pm - Winter Visitor’s Appreciation Dinner

-Saturday, Feb 11 – 1pm – Scissors Case class – Pat Blanchard

- Tuesday, Feb 14 – 1pm – Consumer Electronics Report with Linda Scott

-Tuesday, Feb 14 – 7pm -Valentines Dance – Judy Livermore chair

-Friday, Feb 17 – 10 Minute Table Runner Class – Pat Blanchard

-Monday, Feb 20 – 8-11am - Parkwide Sale and Craft Sale (at individual lots)

-Tuesday, Feb 21 – 8am – Registration and donuts (Brenda)

                                - 9am – Annual Meeting

                                - 7pm – Hale and Farewell (Molly Pinner, Brenda Neil,

                                                     Carol Mae Smith, & Marion Cousineau)

-Thursday, Feb 23 – 10:30 – Activities Meeting

                                      1pm – Flip & Sew Placemat Class – Pat Blanchard

-Saturday, Feb 25 – 10am – Potluck Brunch

Meeting Adjourned at 11:45am


Submitted by secretary, Jeannie Frase

Activities Meeting – Dec 27, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Carol Mae Smith, with 17 in attendance.  Co-chair, Pat Dunkel is out of the park for the holiday.

Carol Mae called for discussion about the monthly Activities’ Chairmen which we are trying out this season.  How do members feel it is working?  Are there any complications?

A winter tea is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Jan 27, at 2pm.  This would be in conjunction with a BonWorth Fashion Show.  Darlene Reddick is chairing the event.  There is a raffle planned for at the tea.  Because of gambling laws in conjunction with our Bingo license, tickets can only be sold on Sunday’s and Monday’s in order to not be within 72 hours of our scheduled Bingo time.  Proceeds from the raffle will go to CARE.

A New Year’s Eve party is scheduled for 7pm until ???   Jan Kilwien has purchased decorations and will be getting a flyer up soon.

“Thank-You” to Judy Livermore for donating the announcement board which has been located outside of the front entrance to the clubhouse and is being used to highlight upcoming events.  There was discussion that a second is needed for the east door as well.  

Activities scheduled for January at this time include the following:

Wed, 4th – 10am – ‘De-Decorate’ clubhouse

Th, 5th – 4-6pm – Wine Tasting

Mon, 9th – Monthly Board Meeting

Sat, 14th – 7:30am  French Toast Breakfast

                   7pm entertainment “Blue Road”

Tues, 24th – 10:30 Clubhouse Meeting

                       11:30  MASA luncheon

Th, 26th – 10:30 Activities’ Meeting

Fri, 27th – 2pm Winter Tea & Fashion Show

Sat, 28th- 10am Potluck Brunch


Meeting Adjourned at 11:08

Minutes submitted by Brenda Neil

Minutes, Activities Meeting, December 5, 2016

Barb McKnight called the meeting to order at 10:30am, with 25 members present. The minutes were read and approved.

Craft fair is scheduled for Dec 10. The sign up sheet is out and there are 10 tables spoken for at this time. The tables will be set out at 8am, with crafters welcome to begin setting out their wares at 8:30am.

Angel Tree- there are only 2 tickets left on the tree. Gale Brown reminded us that the gifts were to be turned in to the clubhouse by Wednesday, the 7th, to be delivered to the distribution center on Thursday, the 8th.

Gale also reported on the luminaries. Volunteers will be needed on Friday, the 23rd, at 9am, to fill the bags and distribute them throughout the park. This process will probably take 1 ½ - 2 hours. The workers are to meet in the NW corner of the park. For sanitary reasons, wearing gloves is highly recommended. A sign-up sheet will be put out, for volunteers to light the luminaries on their street at dusk on the 24th. Long ‘grill’ lighters will be needed for this job. The bags will be picked up on the 26th. DO NOT put them in the dumpsters! 

Rainbow Station will perform on Saturday, the 10th, at 6:30. Posters have been delivered to both Rancho Bonitos and Southern Mesa, inviting them to join us. Punch and cookies will be provided for the children and their families only. It was suggested that the refreshments be located in a more convenient area for the children.

Dec. 10, 7:30-9am – Eggs McKOFA

Dec. 16 – Sky Med

Dec. 17, 7pm – Parade, carols, cocoa, cookies, and a bedtime story. Ann Hutchinson is making homemade cookies. Volunteers will be needed for set up and clean-up.

Dec 25 - Christmas Dinner will be at 4pm. Wendy Rose is in charge of this event. Sign-up sheets will be coming out next week.

Dec. 31st – 10am -Potluck Brunch 
7pm - New Years’ Eve Party, with Nancy Grant and Jan Kilwien coordinating.

Carol Mae has put out a sign-up sheet for those interested in participating in a cookie exchange. If there is enough interest, it is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, the 17th.


Pat Dunkel reported that people have been asking about Wednesday night movies on channel 17. In order to have them, people will need to volunteer to run them. In the past it has been a couple of volunteers to handle the movies for the season, but no one has volunteered to do that this year, so anyone whom is interested in handling it one week at a time is asked to sign up.

January Activities chairmen are Pat Dunkel and Carol Mae. Pat will be gone from the park until the 7th. 

Meeting Adjourned at 11:02


Meeting was called to order by Co-chair, Wendy Rose

Minutes were read and approved as read.

There was a question from the membership concerning the price for ice-cream.  It was announced that the price would probably go up soon, which brought up the concern that it should be the committee which decides on an increase and how much it would be.  Wendy advised that those members in charge of ice cream have pre-approval to raise the price as their expenses dictate.

As requested by the KOFA Board, Mary Lou Gadjosik read a proposed change to membership rules and regs (governing Documents) pertaining to the activities and supervision of children in the park.  The entire text will be in the voters’ packets which will come out the first of the year.  It was requested that if or when such rules become official, they be posted in each appropriate area.

Brenda Neil reported that 30+ members attended the wine tasting on Nov. 15.  She also announced that there was another such function scheduled for Thursday, Dec 1, at 4pm.  Brenda will also be hosting an Eggs McKOFA breakfast this next Saturday, Nov 17, at 7:30 am.

Gale Brown reported that the Angel Tree will go up this weekend.  She also explained that when anyone takes an Angel tag, they must sign it out and sign it back in again when they deliver their purchased gift to the clubhouse.  The gift should NOT be wrapped, but be in a bag with the tag secured to the gift.  Many of the toys being requested this year are quite expensive, so it was suggested that several people go together in purchasing gifts.  The final date for turning in your gifts will be announced later.  Gale also passed on a request for men to volunteer to help in packing gifts for distribution.

Barb McKnight reported that the lists for the Thanksgiving Dinner have been posted.  Everyone needs to sign up if they plan to attend, as well as signing up to help with the dinner.  We have 4 donated turkeys at this point but will need several more to cover both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It was discussed that several stores were having sales right now, so it is time to shop.  Also, please purchase large turkeys as we have a limited number of roasters to accommodate them. 

Barb McKnight is organizing a Santa Parade with decorated golf carts, bicycles, scooters, etc.  This is scheduled for Saturday, December 17, at 7pm.  After the parade, everyone is invited to the clubhouse for hot chocolate, cookies, Christmas carols, and a special bedtime story.

Carol Mae Smith volunteered to put up a sign-up sheet to determine interest in having a Cookie Exchange this year.  If there is enough interest, she will be in charge of scheduling the activity.

Anyone wanting to do any shopping for the park should get a request form from the office, or go onto the KOFA website and print one out.  The form should be filled out and deposited into Box 158.  The appropriate committee chairman will respond to the request.  After shopping, you must submit your receipt and request for re-embursement, being sure to put your name on the receipt.

Dale and Gale Brown, and their helpers, will be putting out the luminaries on Christmas Eve.

A Mahjong game has been scheduled for Friday, November 18, at 2pm.  There will be discussion of scheduling for future games at that time.

Barb McKnight has been approached about doing something special to recognize the men who did all the work stripping and waxing the clubhouse floors.  After some discussion, it was decided that in a co-op, members are expected to volunteer for such jobs and that, although their work was greatly appreciated, there are many others working in the background in our park and special recognition for a few, in one work situation, could cause a lot of problems.  The men who did the work were recognized at the monthly meeting, and it was suggested that a standing ovation at this Sundays’ ice-cream might be appropriate. 

Wendy Rose has offered to co-ordinate our Christmas Dinner.

The next Activities Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 8 at 10:30.

Meeting adjourned at 11:14

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeannie Frase

ACTIVITIES MEETING - Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016

Wendy Rose called the meeting to order, introducing her co-chair, Barb McKinney. She also reminded the members that CarolMae Smith and Pat Dunkel would be co-chairs for January, and Brenda Neil and Molly Pinnar, for February.

We were reminded that if anyone wanted to introduce a new activity, they should fill out a request form which are found on the Activities’ bulletin board in the club house, and submit it by depositing it in box #158. The chair person for the month will consider the request and, if approved, will send it to Gary Grant, Lot #91 for posting on the Activities Calendar, to Jeannie Frase for inclusion on the printed calendar, and to Box #159 for posting on the channel 18 calendar. Fliers, if needed can be requested from Gary Grant, Lot  #91.

The following activities are scheduled at this time: Water aerobics – Mon-Fri at 8:30

Choir- Wed at 10:30 with beginning date to be announced when Tina Miller arrives in the park

Shuffleboard- Tue/Th at 9am – to begin when work on the courts is completed, hopefully in next week Wednesday

Potlucks- 5pm

Bingo- Thursday at 7pm

Walk a Mile- Mon-Th at 8:30 am

Bicycle Club- Tue./Th 9am

Hand & Foot Tournament- Wed. at 6:45

Fish Fry- Sat. Nov 5 at 1pm

Veteran’s Donuts- Fri. Nov 11 at 7am on the South Patio (donuts free to vets and $1 each for all others)

Activities Meeting- Nov 17 at 10:30

Eggs McKOFA breakfast- Sat. Nov 19 at 7:30am-9

Thanksgiving Dinner- Th. Nov. 24 at 4pm - Barb Mc Kinney is the coordinator for this function. It is requested that members begin purchasing turkeys for both Thanksgiving and Christmas at this time.

Potluck Brunch- last Saturday of each month at 10am

Eggs McKOFA breakfast- Sat Dec 10 for 7:30-9am - Brenda Neil

Craft Sale Nov 10th from 9-11am Nancy Grant coordinator

Rainbow Station- Dec. 10 at 6:30pm

Jeannie suggested, and it was decided, that for functions such as this, both Rancho Bonitos and Southern Mesa be invited to attend.

Sky Med presentation- 11:30am Dec. 15 

Sharon Young called for interest in a Senior “Seated” Yoga. She would be willing to lead a group possibly twice a week. She says that the CD she would use runs about 35 min. It was decided to meet Mon & Fri at 4:30 beginning Monday, Nov. 7

Angel Tree is being handled by Dale and Gayle Brown this year. It was requested that the gift tags be available for shopping by Thanksgiving. 

Park Wide Sales were discussed and it was decided to have only one this year, to be scheduled when the most people were here…possibly late January or early February.

Motion was made by Jan Kilwein that all breakfast be $2.50 each (an increase of .50 ), motion was seconded by Sharon Young. Motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned at10:50

Respectfully submitted,
Jeannie Frase, secretary

                                                                    ACTIVITIES MEETING
                                                                       MARCH 2, 2016

Co-chair: Brenda Neil B.O.D. Liaison: Marilee Downing - present 
Co-chair: Carol Mae Smith Secretary: Bonnie Woepke - present

Co-chair Brenda Neil called the meeting to order at 10:02am. 

Bonnie Woepke read the previous meeting minutes. The minutes were approved as corrected. 

Bonnie said she did not feel she would be able to fill the secretarial position for 2016-2017 because she had been elected chairperson of two other committees. Jeannie Frase volunteered to take over the secretarial position. 

Old Business:
• Sheila Wagner said the Corned Beef & Cabbage dinner would be held on St. Patrick’s Day, Thurs. 3/17 @ 5pm. Tickets are $5.00 and will be sold in advance door-to-door by street. She still needs some helpers so please sign up on the list. Gary Grant said the flyers are already done.

• Gary Grant has put up a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board if you need flyers or calendar info. A procedure has been set up to get an event on channel 18 or on the calendar (either on-line and/or the printed form.

New Business:

• Karaoke and Jamin' with John will alternate on Tuesdays at 7:00pm on the South Patio.

• Activities will be wrapping up in March -

• the last Pot Luck Brunch will be Sat. 03/26 

• the last Bingo night will be Thurs 03/31

• the last shuffleboard will be Thurs 03/24

• Other March activities to note -

• Sat 03/05 - Ham & Eggs (to order) Breakfast - $2.00

• Sat 03/05 - Luau Party - $2.00 for meat and bring side dishes/desserts

• Thurs 03/17 - Corned Beef & Cabbage for $5.00

• Marian Cousineau made a motion to separate the Welcome Committee from Activities/Clubhouse and establish it as it’s own committee, with its own budget. Roberta Rickett seconded the motion.  Liaison Marilee Downing said the B.O.D. would require them to establish Guidelines, meet to elect a Chairperson and a Co-chair, and to submit a budget request. After some discussion, the motion was passed with a unanimous show of hands. 

• Marian Cousineau made a motion for the motorized cart to go with the welcome committee and be shared with the Activities/Clubhouse committee. Jeanne Frase seconded the motion. Past Co-chair Jan Kilwien quoted from the B.O.D. minutes when the cart was “transferred to the Activities committee” and current Chair Brenda Neil said there was a definite need within the Activities/Clubhouse committee for the cart. Linda Zink said the Welcome committee needed to be the primary users of the cart but they would share with Activities. She also said she had never turned down a request for use of the cart and when she was asked to she provided a list of cart users. There was a suggestion to have the cart parked near the clubhouse, with the Chair of each committee having a key. That would need to be taken to the B.O.D.
The motion passed by a vote of 15 for and 11 against. (Only one member of a leasehold was allowed to vote)

• Linda Scott stated that her workshop was poorly attended because someone removed the notice from the bulletin board. Pat Dunkel apologized and said due to some confusion, she removed the notice the day before the workshop because she thought the workshop was over since Linda had done one the previous day.

• Lottie said a lady had told her she was going to leave food for the Mission at Lottie’s door. When Lottie got home, there was no food. She checked with the lady and was told it had been left at her door. If anyone knows anything about the missing food, please talk to Lottie.

• Carol Mae and Brenda feel there is a need for a Financial Secretary to provide a single point of contact and continuity throughout the season. Carol Mae and Jan Kilwien volunteered. Jan said to let Carol Mae have it so Carol Mae will be the Activities Financial Secretary for 2016-2017 season.

Brenda asked for any other new business and hearing none, she adjourned the meeting at 10:50am

The next meeting date will be in November, exact date TBD. 

Respectfully submitted - Bonnie Woepke, Secretary

                                                                    ACTIVITIES MEETING
                                                                    FEBRUARY 17, 2016

Co-chair: TBD B.O.D. Liaison: Marilee Downing - present 
Co-chair: TBD Secretary: Bonnie Woepke - present

B.O.D. Liaison Marilee Downing called the meeting to order at 10:02am. 36 attendees signed in.

Jan and Nancy have finished the term they signed up to fill this year so we need to fill the two co-chair positions. Marilee asked for nominations from the floor. There were none. Nancy and Jan explained what is involved in chairing activities and said they would be around to answer questions. Marilee asked if anyone would consider doing half of the year if someone would do the other half. No one volunteered for the first half. It was then suggested to do just one month and several people did volunteer, so the 2016 - 2017 schedule is as follows:


thru March 10, 2016 Brenda Neil & Carol Mae Smith
November 2016 Wendy Rose & Barb McKnight
December 2016 Wendy Rose & Barb McKnight
January 2017 Carol Mae Smith & Pat Dunkel
February 2017 Brenda Neil & Molly Pinner

Jan explained about the contents of the “Activity Bag” to be passed from chair to chair each month. 

Gary noted the on-line Activities Calendar retains the information for a year, so you can look back to see what was scheduled during any month as a guideline.

Nancy put out a “heads-up” reminder that the clubhouse and patio areas would need to be closed down at the end of April.

Bonnie asked if there was anyone who wanted to take over as Secretary or to share the job. No one responded, so she volunteered to continue for this year.

Evelyn said the Office is responsible for tracking who has checked out keys. Since there are going to be so many chairpersons through the season, each one would need to check out keys from the Office for their time and then return them to the Office. The next month’s chair would then need to do the same. Please do not pass the keys directly from one chair to the next.

The microphone was turned over to Brenda and she reviewed some upcoming events:

• Sat 02/20 - Pie Social
• Sat 02/27 - Pot Luck Brunch
• Sat 03/05 - Ham & Eggs (to order) Breakfast 
• Sat 03/05 - Luau Party - Amount TBD (est. $2 to $3 for meat) and bring side dishes/desserts
• Thu 03/17 - Corned Beef & Cabbage for $5.00

Brenda asked if there was any new business and hearing none, she adjourned to meeting at 10:25am

The next meeting date is TBD. Respectfully submitted - Bonnie Woepke, Secretary

                                                                  ACTIVITIES MEETING
                                                                    JANUARY 26, 2016

Jan called the meeting to order at 10:30 am:

- Linda Scott reported that she had purchased an audio system to be used for pool exercises, but that the volume had proved too limited for what was needed. This system has already been sold to someone else. She went on to say that she had purchased a different unit for herself which is louder and that she was willing to sell it to us. A test of the volume was performed during the meeting and seemed to be acceptable. She offered to also take on the task of developing a memory stick with capability of allowing the selection of which exercise routine will be played. A dollar amount of $75 had already been authorized for this project, so a motion was made, seconded, and approved to go ahead and purchase this unit from Linda at a cost of $20 plus approximately $13 for the needed memory stick. This unit runs on rechargeable batteries, so an outlet will be needed in the storage closet. It was noted that the ‘summer people’ may want to continue with the ‘boom box / cassette’ system but that this should not be a problem as there will not be a noise issue in the summer.

- Lloyd McCammond had to cancel his pancake breakfast on January 16, due to illness, and would like to reschedule it for February 6.

- The biscuit and gravy breakfast which was scheduled for the 30th of this month was also cancelled. Interest was expressed in replacing that function with a Potluck Brunch at 10am which will be hosted by Cyndy Hicks and Anne Berger. As there had previously been discussion about having a ‘meet the candidates’ following the scheduled breakfast, it was suggested that we watch the white board for word on plans to continue with that session.

- Hale and Farewell, which is scheduled for 7pm on Feb. 16, will be hosted by Carol Mae Smith and Roberta Rickett. They volunteered to step in when it became apparent that Tina Miller, the original hostess, would not be able to do it. It was reported that the new team has already began their plans for this occasion. 

- Brenda Neal gave a brief report on the upcoming Visitor’s Appreciation Dinner. She asked both visitors and lease holders who do not yet have a table assignment to sign put their names on the appropriate clipboards. Further assignments will be made soon. She advised that she will need men to help set up the tables that day.

- There is a Park Wide Yard Sale scheduled for February 13. It was announced that the hours for this would be set at 8-10am because these hours were the ones that were traditionally busy, and there was no need to ask venders to remain later with very little activity.

- It was reported that the board has voted to authorize the purchase of the 8 foot fiberglass tables as discussed at our last meeting. This authorization will be finalized upon receipt of an exact dollar amount. It is suggested that we might get a better price ‘on line’, than the one we found at Sam’s Club. That investigation is ongoing.

- SkyMed will be here, as planned, on the 28th of this month. They are providing pizza. Sign-up sheets will be pulled tomorrow.

- MASA will be making their presentation on February 19. They are providing sandwiches for attendees and sign-up is needed.

New Business:

- February 4 is the 30 th anniversary of the original ‘Lot Draw’ at KOFA. After discussion, it was decided to have a 4pm Happy Hour that day in honor of the date. It will be BYOB and hors d’oeurves. Special invitations will be sent to the 2 original leaseholders in the park.

- Jan brought up the subject of Games and the fact that they are scheduled to begin at 7pm. She expressed her feeling that it gives an ‘unfriendly’ message when we begin early. It was asked that games not begin until the scheduled time, even if a table is full, and that gamers be willing to ‘be creative’ in including everyone who might come for games, even if that means providing a game that will accommodate an odd number.

- It was stressed that volunteers are needed to ‘step up to the plate’ concerning leadership of the Activities’ Committee, effective immediately following the Annual Meeting on the 16th of February. Please be considering how you might be able to help, or making suggestions of someone whom you feel would do well in this position.

- It has been asked that we schedule another Craft Sale during the next few weeks, while the park is at its’ fullest. After discussion, it was scheduled for 9am, following the pancake breakfast.

- The delivery person for our ‘Cancer Hats’ project will be here at 2pm on Thursday, Feb. 11. Henny Scholten (#50) sent word that hats need to be turned in by 1pm that day. Pictures of the group of participants will be taken at that time. 

- Sheila Wagner and Tom Dunkel volunteered to be in charge of the St. Patricks’ Day Dinner on March 17th. Tickets will be sold, with the cut-off date for sale being Sunday the 13th at Ice Cream.

- The Ronnie LaBrecque Annual Road Clean-Up is scheduled for 2pm on Thursday, the 11th. Daniel Kirby (lot # 52) is in charge of this event and asks that participants sign up in advance and that you meet with him in the clubhouse, for instructions, at 2pm that day. 

- Carolyn Kendrick requested that she be provided with a wireless CD player with mic hook-up to be used for line dancing. A motion was made to allow the purchase, but Larry Sieger, tech committee, advised that they would take on this matter. Larry Smith will consult with Carolyn to determine exactly what is needed. The original motion went no further at this time.

- Linda Zink, Welcome Committee, reported that they held a sew-a-thon on Jan 20th with 19 people working for 3 hours and making more than 100 gifts for distribution to visitors. She also announced that annual ‘Eileen Eslinger’ Pie Social fund raiser is scheduled for 2pm on Feb. 20. She asked that anyone who would like to help in making the signature Lemon Meringue pies on the 19th would sign up for that, with the time to be announced later. Other kinds of pie donations would be gratefully accepted as well. Jan explained that the Welcome Committee falls under Activities Committee and that any money raised would be added to that fund. Barb Seiger made a further committee report, explaining a bit about how the committee works.

- Donna Marshall requested that a new divider curtain be purchased for the clubhouse lady’s room. The current one is very old and stained. She was assured that this matter would be addressed.

- A reminder was made concerning the collection of used eye glasses. There is a labelled box in the library. These glasses are given to the Lion’s Club who then distributes them to nursing homes. KOFA has participated in this project for about 7 years.

- Sharon Young asked that the water exercise group be authorized to spend $25 plus shipping and handling for one new CD. Motion was made, seconded and passed to allow this expenditure.

-It was suggested that the ‘AREA USE SIGN-UP’ sheet in the kitchen/craft area be changed to advise that the Activities’ chair needs to be consulted, about availability, before any use will be authorized.

-a member brought up problems that needed to be addressed in the laundry room. She was advised that this does not fall under Activities’ jurisdiction and was referred to Frank Johnson about this matter. It was also suggested that when anyone observes a true infraction being committed, they need to be willing to reveal the name of the offender so that the matter can be personally addressed by someone with the authority to do so.

-a thorough cleaning of the clubhouse and craft room is scheduled for 9:30 on Friday the 12th of February. Many hands are needed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.

                                            Activities/Clubhouse Committee Meeting Minutes
                                                                     for 12/30/2015

                              Co-chair: Jan Kilwien - present          B.O.D. Liaison: Clarence Kilwien - absent
                              Co-chair: Nancy Grant – absent        Secretary: Bonnie Woepke - present

Jan Kilwien called the meeting to order at 10:00am. She thanked everyone for their cooperation and
understanding regarding the last-minute change in meeting date. 18 attendees signed in.
Bonnie Woepke apologized for missing the November meeting and thanked Sandy Perryman for
stepping up to record the minutes. There was one correction made: It is Joni Lee Sprouse, not Joni
Godbey, who volunteered to make the turkey soup. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Old Business:

❖ Jan thanked everyone who took down the Christmas decorations and put up the New Year’s Eve
decorations on Tuesday.
❖ The new bench is in place on the south patio. The plaque to honor the Chapter 7 founders will
now be ordered to match the bench.
❖ Maintenance advised that an electrical plug for the water exercise would not be the required 10
feet from the swimming pool, so the original plan to purchase a speaker is going to be
investigated. Linda Scott will check on this and believes this can be done for a maximum of $60
with tax. Carol Mae made a motion to spend a maximum of $75 on the new speaker. Wendy
Rose seconded. The motion passed.
❖ The New Year’s Eve party is at 7pm tomorrow. Bring your own libation & snacks for your table.
❖ The date for the Turkey Soup is still to be determined. Jan will check with Joni Lee.

New Business:

❖ Burn Your Own Steak Night will be Jan. 27th @ 5pm. Bring your own meat and a dish to pass.
❖ Judy Livermore volunteered to do both ham & beans and split pea & ham soup on Jan. 6th @
5pm. $2 will be charged. Jeanne Frase will help and Carol Mae will make corn bread. Attendees
are asked to bring salads and desserts.
❖ Brenda Neil will do an Eggs McKofa breakfast on Jan. 9th.
❖ Loyal McCammond will do a Blueberry Pancake breakfast on Jan. 16th.
❖ Brenda Neil will chair the Visitor’s Appreciation Dinner on Feb. 3rd. Brenda has asked we
purchase a couple of hams so there will be meat on each table. We need 4 leaseholders at each
table and 2 places saved at each table for last-minute arrivals.
❖ Hail and Farewell is scheduled for Feb. 16th. Tina Miller is in charge but is not in the park yet.
❖ We will hold a Valetine’s Dance on Sat, Feb. 13th. Bring your own libation & snacks for your table.
❖ We will have a park-wide yard sale on Sat, Feb. 13th from 8am to 10am.
❖ MASA will do an informational seminar on Fri, Feb. 19th at 11am. MASA will furnish sandwiches.
❖ SKY MED will also do an informational seminar in late Jan. They will provide pizza.
❖ Loyal McCammond booked a Yuma Proving Ground tour on Jan. 15th. You will need your ID and,
if driving, registration and proof of insurance. They will stop for lunch - you will pay for your own.
❖ Carol Mae asked if we could go back to the simple calendar. Gail Brown made a motion to go
back to the simple calendar. Sheila Wagner seconded. The motion carried. Jeannie Frase will do
the printed calendar.
❖ Jeannie Frase made a motion to ask the Board to pay for replacing all of the old, heavy 8 foot
tables with new, lighter fiberglass tables at a cost of up to $2000. Gary Grant seconded. The
motion carried.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:45am. Respectfully by Bonnie Woepke Sec'y




                                                              ACTIVITY COMMITTEE MEETING
                                                                       NOVEMBER 25, 2015

Meeting called to order by Co-Director Jan Kilwien at 10:04 AM. 
Minutes were approved as read.


A speaker was asked for by the morning exercise group but they have no changed their direction and have a new boom box. They have asked for a dedicated electric plug and have been told by the Maintenance Committee Chair that it will be taken care of soon.
Rainbow Station will be in the park on Saturday, Dec 5th. Wayne and Kathy Foort will supervise the cookies and punch after the program.
Ladies Christmas Tea- What was originally thought to be a lunch has been changed to a Tea on December 12th at 2:00 PM. Signup on the Activity Table.
Cookie Exchange will be on Thursday, December 17th at 1:00 PM.
Pool Table- The minimum age to use the pool table is 18 years old. It has been requested that a sign be put up stating this fact. That will be looked into and purchased.
Craft Show will be Saturday, December 5th at 9:00.
Chapter 7 Christmas Lunch will be Thursday, December 3rd at 11:30 AM at the Fun Factory. Sign up on the Activity Table. 


As of December1, 2015, Chapter 7 will cease to exist as a Escapee chapter and will become the Roadrunner Camping Group, a part of the Kofa Activities program. Jan received approval from the Board for the following plans. A bench has been ordered and will be placed on the South Patio with a plaque thanking the founders of Chapter 7. Some monies that expenditures have already been approved for will be set aside in the Roadrunner sub-account for needed repairs to Rally Wagon and other items. Any monies remaining in the Chapter 7 checking/savings accounts will be sent to Escapees with a designation for Care.

Christmas decoration of the Clubhouse will take place on December 1 at 10:30 AM. We would like some men to help also.
The Christmas decorations will be taken down on December 29th following the next Activity Meeting which will be at 10:30.
We have two new pre-lighted Christmas trees. One was purchased after Christmas last year and one was donated by Lloyd Hudson’s family. It is still in his house and the family must be contacted before we can get it.
New Year’s Eve Party will be December 31st from 7:00 – 10:00 PM, (New York New Year’s) Members may stay later if they chose.

Visitor Appreciation Dinner- Brenda Neil and Monica Rose have volunteered to host and coordinate the dinner. No date has been set but Jan/Nancy will contact the ladies when they return to the park after Thanksgiving to set a date. Last year’s date was February 5th.
Tom Dunkel has informed us that he is unable to prepare the Turkey Soup for the Thanksgiving leftovers. Carolyn Swanson said the Joni Godbey asked that the broth and leftovers be saved as she would like to make the soup this year.

No other business was brought forward and the meeting adjourned at 10:25. Next meeting will be on December 29th at 10:30. 

                                        Activities/Clubhouse Emergency Meeting Minutes for 11/16/2015

                              Co-chair: vacant Jan Kilwien elected B.O.D. Liaison: Clarence Kilwien - present
                              Co-chair: vacant Nancy Grant elected Secretary: Bonnie Woepke - present

B.O.D. Liaison Clarence Kilwien called the meeting to order at 10:00am. 41 attendees signed in.

Clarence explained this emergency meeting was called to fill the two vacant co-chair positions. He asked for nominations from the floor. Bonnie Woepke nominated Jan Kilwien and Nancy Grant to fill the two positions. Tom Dunkel seconded. There were no other nominations from the floor. Clarence asked Jan and Nancy if they would accept the nomination. Jan replied she would, but with the stipulation she would only serve until February. Nancy accepted with the same stipulation. A
show of hands vote was unanimous. Clarence turned the meeting over to Jan and Nancy.

Jan and Nancy addressed the need for volunteers for the Thanksgiving dinner. We still need cooks for turkey and gravy. Also for mashed potatoes as only one person signed up to bring mashed potatoes and they have removed their name. After discussion, it was decided to circulate the sign-up sheets during the meeting so people could sign up for needed foods and/or specific tasks. Turkeys are still needed for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Carolyn Swanson volunteered to buy one and Bonnie Woepke volunteered to buy two. David Arndorfer volunteered to cook turkeys. Barb McKnight volunteered to help. Wendy Rose volunteered to cook turkeys for Christmas dinner.

Wendy Rose reported the cookie exchange will be Thurs., Dec. 17th.

A chairperson is needed for the ladies luncheon. Darlene Reddick volunteered to fill that vacancy.

Ann Berger said there is a sign-up sheet for cake bakers for the monthly birthday ice cream social.

Jan noted there will be a big announcement at the Chapter 7 meeting on Thurs., Nov 19th at 2:00pm.

Jan shared the sad news that former founding member Jean Long was taken off life support the day before. A card will be put out for Bert.

The next meeting will be on Wed., Nov. 25th.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:22am. 

Respectfully submitted - Bonnie Woepke, Secretary

Activities/Clubhouse Committee
Meeting Minutes for 11/4/2015

Co-chair: Jeannie Frase - present; Board Liaison: Clarence Kilwien - present;
Co-chair: vacant; Secretary: Bonnie Woepke - present

Co-chair Jeannie Frase called the meeting to order at 10:05am. 27 attendees signed in.  Bonnie Woepke thanked Kathy Cooper for taking the March meeting minutes and then read them.

Jeannie’s opening remarks:

❖ Jeannie read an excerpt from the ACTIVITY/CLUBHOUSE COMMITTEE GUIDELINES 2015-16:
“Since we belong to a KO-OP, personal mileage will be reimbursed only with the prior approval of
the Board of Directors. All expenditures must be Okayed (sic) in writing by the Committee or
Liaison Board Members before monies are spent. This includes purchases with cash
expenditures from petty cash. If NOT APPROVED in writing beforehand, the buyer WILL NOT be

❖ Jeannie reported that Joni Sprouse resigned from her Co-chair position for health reasons.
Jeannie asked for a volunteer to fill the Co-chair position. No one volunteered.

❖ Anyone may attend our meetings, but you must be an activity participant (signed-up) in order to
vote. In the case of a close vote, a roll-call may be taken.
Old Business:

❖ We still need volunteers to help in several areas
➢ volunteer to do the Online Calendar - no one volunteered
➢ reporter for the website and on-line magazine - no one volunteered
➢ clubhouse organizer - no one volunteered
➢ outside flowers - Tom Dunkel volunteered to do outside flowers
➢ pool/patio area furniture - no one volunteered
➢ scheduler for outside entertainment - no one volunteered
➢ ice cream chairperson - no one volunteered
➢ Hosts for Wed. potlucks and Sat. brunch potlucks - see respective sign-up sheets
➢ co-ordinator for Thanksgiving dinner - no one volunteered
➢ co-ordinator for Christmas dinner - no one volunteered
➢ co-ordinator for Hail & Farewell dinner - no one volunteered

❖ The south patio tables were painted but benches were not, due to deterioration/safety questions.
Dennis Swanson will look into this. New patio chairs were purchased and will be put out soon.

❖ For unknown reasons the Pepsi machine was shut off and the pop was stored in the refrigerator.
Jeannie said she didn’t find any pop money turned in. Wayne Foort said there was a note on the
refrigerator to leave the money for pop in with the ice cream money.

❖ Research into a blue-ray DVD player with a continuous loop determined it would require copying
each DVD to create a single file. We’d need to obtain permission from, and pay a fee to, the
copyright holder. Too time-consuming and costly so we will not go forward with this purchase.

❖ Reminder - there is a sign-out sheet on the refrigerator for borrowing items from the clubhouse.
Please be sure to sign items out and to sign them back in when you return them.

New Business:

❖ Linda Scott requested we purchase a directional speaker to focus the sound during water exercise
class because currently the sound is directed toward her lot and creates excessive noise. She
researched speakers and recommends a blue-tooth unit from Sam’s Club called The Monster
Indoor/Outdoor at $149.95. Sharon Young said the current player is not blue-tooth compatible.
Linda will get together with Sharon to determine what player we need and research the options.

❖ Linda Zink recognized the Welcome Committee members who were present and read the names
of the members not present. She reported that we became members of the Yuma Visitor Center in
2014 and obtained materials to hand out to visitors to our park. She reported on the activities of
the Welcome Committee. Linda made a motion to establish a $400.00 budget for the Welcome
Committee, seconded by Barb Seiger. After much discussion, Linda amended the motion to only
request the $152.00 needed to continue membership in the Visitor’s Center. Barb Seiger
seconded the amendment. Motion was carried. The remaining money from the Pie Bake will be
available for the Welcome Committee’s needs.

❖ Peggy Hess has been making the popcorn and will continue until Sheila Wagner returns.

❖ Mel Nobis asked when the stage would be cleared so he could get the pool cover out. Jan Kilwien
said it needs to be done before Thursday because the state requires us to start Bingo Nov. 5th.
We decided to clear the stage immediately after the meeting. Jeannie Frase noted we still need
the Nov. 16th cleaning & set-up session, which still needs a co-ordinator. No one volunteered.

❖ There will be a sign-up sheet to host Wednesday potlucks. After some discussion, it was decided
there is no need for a Coordinator of hosts/hostesses. It was noted the Wed. 11/18 potluck will
be a “birthday mixer” with table seating by birthday month.

❖ Regarding Thanksgiving dinner, we need cooks for turkeys and mashed potatoes. No one
volunteered. Bonnie Woepke suggested we could have potatoes be a “side dish” to be brought by
attendees instead of trying to get someone to peel, cook and mash enough for the whole group. It
was decided to put out a sign-up sheet to determine if there is enough interest to even have a
Thanksgiving dinner in the park.

❖ Rainbow Station will perform on Dec. 5th at 6:30pm. Jeannie will ask BOD if we can invite nearby
parks Rancho Bonitos and Southern Mesa to join us for the performance. This will bring more
attention to Rainbow Station and, hopefully, provide them with more money from donations. Kathy
Foort will take charge of juice & cookies for the event.

❖ Since the women have to cook for every meal/potluck, it was suggested we have a Women’s
Luncheon/Tea with a Christmas theme. The luncheon will be held in our clubhouse on Dec. 12th
and will be paid for by the Activities Committee. Proposed menu to include sub sandwiches and/
or salads. The committee members are Jeannie Frase, Joni Lee Sprouse, Kathy Cooper, Henny
Scholten, and Carolyn Swanson. Jeannie asked for a volunteer to replace Joni Lee. Bonnie
Woepke volunteered. A luncheon sign-up sheet will be out by Friday.

❖ Cookie exchange will be discussed at the next meeting.

❖ Ann Berger will do a schedule for cake bakers.

❖ Bon Worth would like to do a style show again. Jeannie asked for a show of hands to indicate
interest. There was virtually no interest, so there will not be a Bon Worth style show this year.

❖ Bonnie Woepke asked that we set a minimum age for use of our pool tables. Both ages 18 and
21 were suggested. A vote of members present set the minimum age at 18.

❖ Scheduled/changed events brought up are as follows:

➢ Exercise video will start on Nov. 9th from 9:00-10:00am.

➢ Christmas Craft show Dec. 5th 9:00-11:00am. Set up beginning at 8:00 am.

➢ Dec. Chapter 7 meeting luncheon is set for Thurs. 12/03 @ Z Factory.

➢ Gary Grant will do posters. If you don't see an expected poster, put a note in Lot #91 box.

➢ Larry Seiger asked to schedule Tech Workshops every Wed. from 10:00 - 11:30 am. Since
participants may have a hard time hearing while choir practice is going on, Larry agreed to set
Tech Workshops on Tues. from 1:00 - 2:30pm starting Nov. 10th.

➢ Shuffleboard will be ready for Tues. Nov 10th.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:39am. Respectfully submitted - Bonnie Woepke, Secretary

** NOTE - Requests to the Activities Committee should be put in writing (dated, signed, and forwarded) or emailed to activities@kofako-op.com,  The Activities Co-chairs will respond.. Unsigned requests will not be considered.

To post an activity on the park Activity Calendar webpage, email the committee chair at activities@kofako-op.com.  Please provide as much detail as possible..  Once approved, they will have the item added to the calendar.  


                                                    Activity Committee Meeting                                                    3-26-2015

Jeannie called the activities meeting to order at 10:02 a.m.

No previous minutes read.

Old Business:

Jose took the old pool table out.  The people who originally bought the old pool table saw that the slate was broke and decided they did not want it.  Money was returned.

There is a delay on the new pool table.  New pool table was upgraded, and should be delivered on Monday 3-30-15.  Shipping was $800.00.

Painting on benches and tables will be done next fall.  Paint will be stored in tech room.

PIE SOCIAL:  $105.00 was bid on Eileen’s lemon pie.  $423.75 was made.

Good going.

T.V. & cart are here, working well.  We have a 2-year warranty on the TV.  $481.67 total including the warranty.

Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner was a success, thank to Sheila & all her help.

Mel says thanks to all, for keeping trash emptied after all events.

Thank you from the Catholic Services for things that have been donated.


PLEASE be on watch, if you see people taking things from fridge or boxes that are labeled for the mission, or other places, stop them is you can and let them know they are not free.  Things have gone missing.

Last Hurrah dinner/burn your own meal, will be Saturday April 4, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.   Bring a side dish or dessert.  Gary Grant will start BBQ’s

Discussion on patio chairs.  Get covers to go on stacks or put them under roof by BBQ.  Conclusion was to replace old chairs, and put oldest ones out in the dog run.  Jan K. made to motion to get at least 12 new chairs.  Marian C. seconded the motion, Joni S. will authorize.  So moved, Clarence K. Will pick them up.

Gary G. will make a sign, so all know that ladders, wheelbarrows etc. need to be checked out at the office.

Gary also shared how to find activities on the website.  Activities have their own page.  Lots of various information about the park on the site.

Workday for putting away all patio furniture and such on Monday, 4-27-15 at 8:00 a.m.

We are going to leave the pop machine up and running for the summer to see how it goes.  We will turn the Pepsi light out to save power.  Extra cases of pop will be kept in Tech room.

Future Calendar:

Dec 5th Rainbow Station will perform

Other ideas included having pancake breakfasts, Birthday dinners,( people would sit at tables coinciding with their birthday.  Mystery dinner, and box socials.

Jam sessions earlier in the day?

Check into getting a blue ray DVD player with continuous loop, so movie could play all day.  Nancy made a motion to investigate.  She will let us know in the fall.

Next year exercise video will start at 9:00a.m. instead of 9:30

Monday April 6, 10:00 a.m. we will take down all extra tables.

Meeting adjourned at 11:04a.m.

Kathy Cooper
Secretary Pro Tem