Last Update: 01/07/2018
Guidelines: Angel Tree

The Salvation Army is KOFA's partner in this event. This assignment requires the volunteer to setup a Christmas Tree in the clubhouse by the stage - left and decorate it with 'tags' supplied by the Salvation Army's local representative. 

The balance of the procedures is explained by the attached guideline.

This guideline should be printed and attached to the tree.  Additional copies can be made and placed near the tree on the stage for members and visitors to take along as a guide for themselves.

At a designated time set by the Salvation Army representative, the gifts will be picked up and delivered to a central collection area for distribution.

Specific Guidelines - Angel Tree

Additional specific guidelines are suggested and updated by past sub-committees/chairs to aid and assist future committees and volunteers.  We appreciate and acknowledge their unselfish effort.

Valued Contributors & Friends of Kofa:  2018 - Gail Brown #23

The program starts on November 1, each year. The park provided tree is setup the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  The Angel Tree Tags and instructions from the Salvation Army, along with KOFA guidelines, are hung on the tree late Sunday afternoon prior to the Ice Cream Social (Sunday @ 6:00 pm)

The tree is stored in shed #2. The tree, tree skirt, garland and angel top are in the red nylon tree bag

Advise the Chair by email and word to announce the Angel Tree at every occurrence.

Deadlines:  The Salvation Army will have a deadline for returning tags and gifts.  Set your deadline one or tewo days before the Salvation Army deadline.

You are responsible for establishing a pick-up date and time for the Salvation Army.  Pick-up cannot interfere with meetings in the Clubhouse.  Check the calendar.

Gift pick-up is at the east entrance to the clubhouse.  You must be available the day of pick-up to escort the driver to the correct door and help with the gifts.  If you are unable to be there, you need someone to take your place.

Remove all instruction notices from the tree but leave the tree up.  All trees in the clubhouse will be taken down at the same time, as scheduled by the Clubhouse committee.  All Angel Tree items are to be put back in the red tree bags and stored in Shed # 2.

Contact - Salvation Army

You can call or visit their office.  You need to speak with the Angel Tree Coordinator.  Mornings are a best time to go.  The office is unmarked and is located on the ;left behind the mirror wall.  If the door is locked - knock!

Advise the coordinator you are the contact person for the Angel Tree program at Kofa Ko-op.  FGive them your contact information.  They will also want to know how many tags you will need and the date you need them.  Best to give a date no later than the Thursday before the tree goes up.

Salvation Army Store
Administrative Offices
600 W. Catalina Drive
Yuma, AZ 85364

Tel: 928 783-5592