Last Update: 11/30/2017
Guidelines: Bingo

All bingo activities are overseen by the Arizona Department of Revenue - Bingo Section.  Click here for their departmental information, applications and forms required to generate a game of bingo.  KOFA Ko-op annually applies for a Class 'A' license. All persons who assist in operating the game of bingo MUST complete and submit an affidavit to the state prior to participating in the organization of the game. A written manual for Activities Bingo Sub-Committee is kept in safekeeping in the office.

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State Guidelines

KOFA Rule  Guidelines:

  1. Post 'Dollar per Card' board which is located on top of the bingo machine.
  2. From under the stage, closest to the right of the library are: 2 boxes of cards
  • Metal tray (box)
  • Grey Notebook
  • Clipboard
  1. Get the microphone key from metal tray (above)
  2. Unlock the box by the south door, to get the microphone
  3. Flip on the power switch
  4. Give the microphone to the caller. Caller: Must declare to all participants they must declare bingo before other bingo's are confirmed.
  5. From the yellow envelope in the binder, select the Game Plan and put about three on the table
  6. From the clipboard, chart showing what paybacks should be in relation to the # of cards sold.
  7. Lay out bingo cards along two (2) tables
  8. Setup flip chart of games to be played
  9. Keep tally of cards sold/$$ taken in
  10. Clip bills together in groups of $5 (save larger bills for blackout)
  11. Prepare Winners Sheet

    When a game is won:
  12. take the card to an adjacent table and have someone double check you out.
  13. call out numbers, beginning with the last number called
  14. only when the win is verified, have the winner sign the winner's sheet and award the prize$ (if there is more than one winner, make the money evenly divisible by adding money from the 'blackout' amount.
  15. flip the display play card to the next game.

Break after 6 games.  Count attendance now.

Before restarting, tell caller how many dollars are being played for in the next games.  Remember to tell caller the dollar prize before beginning the blackout game.

  1. When the evening is over, fill out and sign the winner's sheet and file it in the notebook, at the green clip.
  2. At the yellow clip, enter 3 of cards sold
  3. $ paid out total
  4. Balance ($0.00)
  5. Attendance
  6. Have players put chairs onto tables
  7. Return the mike to the box and lock.
  8. Make sue the key is in the metal tray
  9. Stack bingo cards into their boxes, face down
  10. Return all supplies to their original places.
  11. For Activities, please post the winner of the Blackout and how much they won on the Bingo flyer located on the Activities bulletin board.  Use the pen/marker used for the white board.  Paper towels are located in the kitchen/bathrooms.  Thank you.

Park Affidavit Holders

Marilee Downing Lula Russian Wayne Foort Kathy Foort Jeanne Frase
Clarence Kilwien Janet Kilwien Hope Henderson Sharon Young Louis Gagnon
Betty Labrecque Lotte DePoule Tommy Lee Janssen

Instruction Sheet - Completing a Class 'A' Financial Report

Bingo Reporting Form