Last Update: 04/01/2017
Guidelines: Activity Board - East

The Activities Bulletin Board (east) is composed of two large bulletin boards, one on the north side and one on the south side.  The volunteer assigned to these bulletin boards have responsibility and authority to manage these boards in accordance with Activity policy.

The south side bulletin board is divided into three (3) sections, from left to right are:

Local Items For Sale:

Local items are items for sale by members and visitors in the park.  No one else!  The listings are made on 3" X 5" index cards which are supplied by the office.  The cards, when completed by the user/seller must have the date on the card.  If no date is on the card, it is the volunteer's responsibility to place a date on the card.  The card may remain on the board for a [period not to exceed one (1) month, at which time they are to be removed and discarded.

Commercial Services:

Commercial services are service providers located outside of the park who are soliciting members and visitors to buy/use their products.  Business cards should be maintained in an orderly manner.  The same applies to commercial posters, menus etc. At the end of the season, business cards can remain on the board while information posters, menus etc are to be removed and discarded.

General Information:

For non-commercial information e.g church locations, advisories, notices etc.  Please keep the board orderly.

Below the east/south bulletin board is a wood table.  This table is to display information, commercial and general, in an orderly manner.  Guides to Yuma, events in Yuma etc are encouraged over commercial service solicitation pieces.

The north side bulletin board is also divided into three (3) sections.  From left to right are:

Lot Transfer:

Reserved for Lot Transfer use only.  No exceptions.

General Information:

The same rules apply as the general information area located on the south bulletin board.

KOFA Committees:

Reserved for the Board and their Committees only.  No exceptions.

If their is any confusion or questions regarding the maintenance of the bulletin Boards (east), please contact the Activity Chairs for support and assistance.  Thank you for your time and contribution.