Last Update: 04/01/2017
Guidelines: Activity Board - West

The volunteer assigned to the Bulletin Boards (west) have the responsibility and authority to maintain the bulletin board in a neat and orderly manner at all times.

The bulletin boards (west) are for the exclusive use of the Activity Committee and their approved flyers only. No exceptions.  Any non-activity generated flyers are to be removed immediately unless approved by the Activity Chair who will date and initial the poster. This is a rare exception.  Be wary of persons who attempt to undermine the efforts of our volunteers who spend a considerable amount of their time and effort creating posters exclusively for the Activity Committee.

This assignment also includes keeping the activity counters (signup sheets) in an orderly manner.  Old style signup sheets should be replaced with the current standard established by the committee.  

We support the efforts of our volunteers first, regardless of what a member may say or suggest.  If there is any challenge to your authority to remove unauthorized flyers, or organize the area you are responsible for, the individual is to be immediately directed to the Activity Chair who will deal with the individual.

Adjacent to the bulletin board (west) is a white board.  This board is to be kept clean and orderly as well.  It should be thoroughly cleaned using Windex and paper towel every 2 weeks or when necessary to remove ghost images etc.

At time of writing this guideline, specific guidelines as to the use of the white bulletin board have not been determined by the Activity Committee except for the following:

No events are to be posted on the white board.  If an event is written on the white board, the volunteer has the authority to remove it immediately. There are no exceptions unless authorized by the committee chair!

Thank you for volunteering and contribution.