Last Update: 03/01/2017
Guidelines: Activity Calendar

The volunteer assigned to maintain the Activity Calendar must have a personal email address. This is to facilitate the re-direct of online event submissions made using the Calendar Event Request form which can be found on the Activity page at Please notify the park webmaster to update the notification protocol.


The KOFA Ko-op Activity Calendar is provided by Brown Bear Software and is administered by the park webmaster.  A small annual premium is paid to eliminate undesirable advertising on the calendar.  The default display is 'WEEKLY" in 'BLOCK' format.  This is to facilitate the volunteer assigned to print the calendar weekly.

Persons (users) who display the calendar on their personal device are provided display options and search capability to change the display on their personal device anytime, which does not affect the default display..

Use and management of the calendar is always a learning curve for a new volunteer assignment.  However, familiarity breeds improved utilization of the calendar function and use.

Submitting an Event:

There are two ways to generate a Calendar Event:

1. Online using the Calendar Event Request form can be found on the Activity web page.

2. Print the form from online or obtain a copy from the Activity bulletin board and manually complete & submit it.

All requests for an event MUST be approved in advance by the Activity Chair before it appears on the calendar.

Online Submission:

Online, the Activity Calendar Request form sends all submissions to the Activities Chair, , and to the volunteers assigned to the calendar at .

Upon receipt of an event request, the Chair may approve/disapprove the event by clicking on 'Reply All' and adding the comment, APPROVED or DENIED along with their name.  An electronic notice will be sent to the Co-Chair and person volunteer assigned to the calendar.  The event can now be added to the calendar.

Manual Submission:

For manual Calendar Event Requests (not done online) - the request must be hand delivered to the Chair or deposited in Box 158 - Activities.  Once Chair approved, the form is marked as 'Approved' followed by the initials of the Chairperson and date.  The Chair will then place the approved request (or copy of same) in the mailbox of the volunteer assigned to Activity Calendar.  Unapproved requests are returned to the originator by the Chair, with reasons for disapproval.

The Calendar Event Request form is also available in print located on the Activities bulletin board (master copies of the form are available at the office or printed from the form listed in the Activity Committee web page). 

Logging onto the Calendar:

No person can add, edit or delete existing events, or change the calendar's settings, unless they have the appropriate user passwords required for those levels of security. For adding or editing events, a User ID and password is available from the Activities Chair.  To modify settings, the password is retained in the Webmaster's private file.


Go directly to the calendar at (click on Activities then click on the Activities calendar.) Click on the title at the bottom of the calendar - Add/Edit. A log in box will display for input of the appropriate password.

Q. What if the calendar asks for a password and does not provide a box for you to enter the login information?

A: Then you need to change your browser settings to enable logging in. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, Security, Internet, Custom Level, and go to the bottom of the list of settings. Check either "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone" or "Prompt for user name and password." Unless one of these two options are selected, you will have trouble logging into many web sites.

Q: What if the calendar does not appear to be checking for a user password but just lets me in?

A: What is probably happening is that you have already entered your settings-level password which your browser caches until you exit the browser. If you think that security is not working, just completely exit your browser, load it again, and try your calendar.

Adding Events

To add an event or to edit an existing event, just click on the date on the calendar after logging in, or click on Add/Edit at the bottom of the page.  By "click on the date" means click on the day number. If you want to create an event for June 3rd, for example, you click on the 3 in the calendar.

Events can include HTML code, including hyperlinks, tables, colors, and images. You can add Popup Text that will appear in a separate smaller window, but you will need a browser capable of reading JavaScript to read this popup window. The popup text also appears in full, with any browser, in the List view.  The popup window also allows the user to be reminded of an event by adding their email address.  The current default for reminders is 1 day prior.  The event must have text for the popup feature to work. You must enter some text in the Calendar details section of the input format before the Popup Text Box feature will function.

You can enter events as periodic events that happen on the same date every year, but it is a bit tricky to learn, so be conservative at first. In the repeat format, specify the date range within which the annual event will show by using the "From" area and the "Until" area. The actual date that will recur annually is then determined by the month in the "From" area and the date selected from 

Sometimes your event won't happen when usually scheduled (as a periodic event). You can schedule the periodic event, then automatically convert it to individual "daily" instances. You can then delete any of the daily instances. When you create the event with the Periodic event edit page, check the box that says Generate Daily Events before hitting Submit. This will create a series of individual events instead of a periodic event. You can then delete any of the individual instances of the event. Just go back to viewing your calendar, navigate to the month of the event to delete, click on that day, and delete that instance.

Be careful doing this. This is a one-way conversion from an event formula to individual events. You cannot reconvert the 
individual events into a periodic event formula.  Also, you can by mistake generate hundreds of daily events, which will be a pain to delete.

When you create a new periodic event, the form will by default make it persist for 1 year from the first day of the current month (for example, the first Tuesday of every month for 1 year, ending April 1, 2000). You can change this persistence length to whatever you want.

You may also specify the background color and text color for each event. This requires the use of HTML hex color codes. You can also use color names that are not longer than 8 characters. For example, "skyblue" will work, but "darksalmon" will not. You can also click on the BG box which will display a graded color scale.  Just click the color you want.

Editing or Deleting Events:

You can edit or delete any event you have authority over. Click on a date or Add/Edit at the bottom of the calendar. You will then see a list of existing events for the day chosen or for the duration or periodic events that affect the current month. If the duration or periodic event you want to edit does not show up, navigate to the correct month using the menu at the top.

Click Edit next to the event you want to Edit, and the event details will appear. Make your changes and be sure to hit SAVE at the bottom of the frame.

Hitting RESET at the bottom of the form will remove any changes you have made. Hitting CANCEL returns you to the Event List without making changes to the event you were editing. Hitting DELETE deletes the event you were editing, as does clicking on the scissors next to the event in the Event List.

If you edit an existing event and then click the Copy Event box before saving it, the newly edited event will be created, but the old event will not be deleted. This is a fast way to make several similar events to occur on different days, particularly if the days are irregular and cannot easily be tracked with a periodic or duration event. For example, you could create one event, save it, and then edit it (with the Copy Event box checked) to change only its date. You can do this as many times as you need to create the "same" event on various days.

To display a start time only for an event (current adopted policy), simply delete the end time.  The system will default to the start time only.


By clicking on 'Help' at the bottom of the calendar, a message board appears for completion.  Staff at Brown Bear Software have always been courteous and prompt in their responses.  The park Webmaster is also a valuable resource to resolve small issues.