Last Update: 03/24/2017
Guidelines: Channel 18

Channel 18 is KOFA Ko-ops internal cable channel.  Channel 18 is used to deliver short term announcement/notice information to members and visitors. Familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint software or some type of word processing software is beneficial for volunteers assigned this task.  In addition to Channel 18 broadcasting its messages on the park cable channel 18, a small monitor located in the Clubhouse is also dedicated to Channel 18.

The Activities Calendar is used exclusively to display all upcoming events approved by the Activity Chairs.  Channel 18 is not to be used to promote new events.  Channel 18 is used exclusively to display short term notices or announcements (short term = 2 weeks or less) which includes but is not limited to:

  • New Members
  • Event Winners - Pool, Shuffleboard, Bingo, Card Games etc.
  • Board, office & committee notices
  • Illness & Death Announcements
  • Activity & public notices/announcements
  • Breaking News etc.

All information submitted to list or promote a new event is to be rejected outright by Channel 18 volunteers and sent immediately to the Activity Chair for further action.

Channel 18 has an email address assigned to it: .  New volunteers assigned to Channel 18 are to contact the park Webmaster: to give him/her the volunteer's email address to setup forwarding of messages sent to Channel 18.

Channel 18 also has a dedicated mailbox # 159 for notes to be passed along to Channel 18 volunteers to place notices/announcements on the system.  There is also a Channel 18 form on the Activities web page to permit those online to submit items to Channel 18.  The form forwards all messages to .


The Channel 18 dedicated computer is located in the Tech Room.  You will need an access code for that room which can be obtained from the Activities Chairs.  This code is confidential and should never be shared with anyone!

The computer is running a version of Microsoft PowerPoint software. Following is a short tutorial to use this program.

  • Press ESC to exit the slide show and enter the format side of the program.
  • Each panel should be set to time out after 15 seconds. To modify the time, click on the panel then click on Animations.  There is a timer on the right side of the screen.
  • Right clicking on a character, line or sentence will display options for fonts, font sizes and colors etc.  The preferred font is Arial.
  • Once a panel is completed to the users satisfaction, click on file and save.
  • To run the slide show, click on Slide Show, then click on 'Start from the beginning' on the top left of the screen.