Last Update: 04/01/2017
Crafts & Projects

The volunteer assigned to Crafts & Projects is responsible for organizing the craft group activities including special craft projects.  When an individual is interested in providing a class, the committee volunteer of the craft group will coordinate an appropriate date and time with the Activities Chair or within their own allotted time slot currently on the calendar

A special flyer can be produced for a Special Craft Project only.  Information required is: date, time of the event, maximum number of people in class, a picture of proposed project if possible, and a materials list needed, or if there is a kit being made, the price that would be charged for kits.

Once all the information is collected, a Flyer Request can be made online or submitted manually to the volunteer assigned to flyers: requesting a poster for the Activities board.  Sign-up sheets are available on the Activity webpage or from the office.

An email is also required to be sent to volunteer who maintains the activity calendar: so the calendar listing can be modified to include the special project. This information must include: date, time, name of project, contact person, and a description of the project and additional information collected. A picture or graphic is not required.

Once the flyer is received, place it on the Activities board about one week before the project, and place the sign up sheet on the activity sign up table.  The volunteer assigned to the maintain the bulletin board will ensure the flyer and signup sheet is maintained in an orderly manner.

On the day of a project, the Crafts & Projects volunteer should arrive early to assist the person giving the class and to set up and move any tables or equipment necessary for the class.