Last Update: 10/30/2017
Crafts & Projects

The volunteer assigned to Crafts & Projects is known as the Crafts  They are responsible for organizing the craft group activities including special craft projects.  When an individual is interested in providing a Project to a class, the Crafts Coordinator will assist the volunteer leader to get an appropriate date and time with the Activities Chair or within their own allotted time slot currently on the calendar.

The first step is completing the Craft Project Form. The Crafts Coordinator keeps multiple copies of this form, and it is available online on the  Activities webpage - Forms.  Once completed, the Coordinator will meet with the individual running the class to make sure they there are no questions un-answered.

The Activities Chair must approve the date and time for all events & projects. No exceptions.

The Craft Coordinator will assist in creating a flyer to display one week on the activities bulletin board.  flyers@kofa . Sign-up sheets are also available online or can be obtained from the office.

And lastly, send details of project to the web calendar, calendar@kofa .

On the day of the project meet the leader of the project prior to the event, to assist in setting up tables, and anything else the leader may need help with.

Once the event is over collect any flyers that are still on the activities board and any sign up sheets that may still be out and throw them out.