Last Update: 11/12/2017
Guidelines: White Elephant/Donation Table
The Chair and Co-Chair are responsible for the table. Their responsibilities are to keep the table organized and clear of unwanted items between pickups.
  1. Place all items on the table.
  2. If desired - an can be taken - place a monetary donation in the donation box.
  3. Hang clothes on the hangers provided.
  4. Place shoes and heavy items on the floor under the table.

DO NOT put items on the table that are:

  • broken
  • coupons
  • unfixable
  • unclean or stained
  • medications
  • opened jars and liquid substances
  • Escapee magazines or any magazines with names & addresses on them.

These items will be discarded by the Chair.

The items from the table go to Precious Treasures. Contact is 928 627 3640. An appointment is needed for them to come pick up items. Once the date and time is set write the time and date on the white board in case anyone else wishes to add anything to the table. Precious Treasures may ask for address here. (KOFA Park at 3750 E. County 17th Street. Yuma 85365.)

Before Precious Treasures comes out to get the items take all the cloths off the hangers and bag them up. ( the hangers stay here). Collect and box/bag the rest of the items for pick up.

After Precious treasures has collected items and the table is clear wipe the table and organize the hangers for ongoing donations.

The money in the donation box it collected by Activities Chairperson.