Last Update: 04/02/2017
Guidelines: Door Signs

General:  All door signs are in essence - flyers that are created by by the person responsible for making bulletin board flyers.  Please see Activity Flyers to order a flyer.

There are two types of door signs:  a. Generic    and     b. Special

Generic Signs:  This type of sign does not have a specific date attached to them.  For example, a sign announcing a potluck brunch on a Saturday is considered generic.  In most cases, generic signs can be laminated so they can be used over and over again - week to week - month to month - year to year.

Special Signs: this type of sign has a specific date attached to it as it is generally not a reoccurring event.  For example, a sign announcing dance or dinner for a specific date such as Friday, January 5 is considered specific in nature.  Specific signs are not laminated and have a one time use only.  Once the event occurs, the sign can be discarded.

The clubhouse has a total of four doors that permit signs - two on the east side and two on the west side.  Each door has a panel to hold signs on each side.  Therefore there is a total of 8 panels.  For a specific event, generic or specific in nature, there are 4 locations for a sign to be located.  This is why, when you need extra flyers for the  door to copy the flyers provided.