Last Update: 01/07/2018
Guidelines: Library - DVD

Specific Guidelines: Library - DVD

Additional specific guidelines are suggested and updated by past sub-committees/chairs to aid and assist future committees and volunteers.  We appreciate and acknowledge their unselfish effort.

Valued Contributors & Friends of Kofa:  2017 - Nancy Scheldberg #90   2018 - Jeannie Frase #15

The DVD Library is located in the meeting room (boardroom) on the east wall of the Clubhouse adjacent to the Library.  It is comprised of four (4) cabinets, two large and two small.  The keys to the cabinets are located in the office marked 'DVD Video Cabinet Key.' 

The two large cabinets are used for the storage of the DVD's, the smaller adjacent cabinets are used by the volunteers to sort and index new DVD's donated to KOFA and, the small cabinet below it is used as the 'RETURN' cabinet.  The two large cabinets are unlocked at all times - the two smaller cabinets are to be locked at all times.

The DVDs are sorted according to genre and/or color.  Each DVD is labeled along the spine with a classification of the genre.  The label is covered in scotch tape to secure it to the case.

When a DVD is donated, it is the volunteers responsibility to determine its classification and label it accordingly.

The genres are filed in alphabetic order.  The DVD's within a genre are not filed alphabetically.  If it becomes necessary to add an additional genre label, the volunteer will assign it an unused designation and add it to the listing in alphabetical order. (the assigned label should be a maximum of 4 characters color highlighting or underlining may be used as needed) 

The current genre classifications are:

  • A/T - Action/Thriller
  • C - Comedy
  • Ch - Christian
  • Cl - Classic
  • D - Drama
  • F - Family
  • M - Musical
  • NG - Nature/Nat Geo
  • R - R Rated
  • RC - Romantic Comedy
  • Rom - Romance
  • Ser - Series
  • SF - Sci-Fi
  • UN - Unclassified
  • W - Western
  • X - X Rated

A DVD Sign-Out Sheet is used to record a borrower's name and register the title they were borrowing.  There is a column to input the date the DVD is taken and another to record the date returned to the library.  When a DVD is returned, the volunteer is to re-file the DVD and place a checkmark to the right of the sign-up sheet next to where that particular DVD was signed out.

A master DVD Sign-Out Sheet is available here!