Last Update: 04/01/2017
Guidelines: Library -DVD

The DVD Library is located in the meeting room on the east wall of the Clubhouse adjacent to the Library.  It is comprised of four (4) cabinets, two large and two small.  The keys to the cabinets are located in the office marked 'DVD Video Cabinet Key.' 

The two large cabinets are used for the storage of the DVD's, the smaller adjacent cabinet is used by the volunteers to sort and index new DVD's donated to KOFA and the small cabinet below it is the 'RETURN' cabinet.  The two large cabinets are unlocked at all times - the two smaller cabinets are to be locked at all times.

The DVDs are sorted according to genre:

  • A/T - Action/Thriller
  • C - Comedy
  • Ch - Christian
  • Cl - Classic
  • D - Drama
  • F - Family
  • M - Musical
  • NG - Nature/Nat Geo
  • R - R Rated
  • RC - Romantic Comedy
  • Rom - Romance
  • Ser - Series
  • SF - Sci-Fi
  • UN - Unclassified
  • W - Western
  • X - X Rated

A DVD Sign Out Sheet is used to record a borrower's name and register the title they were borrowing.  There is a column to input the date the DVD is taken and another to record the date returned to the library.  A master DVD Sign Up Sheet is available for printing.  Click here!

DVD donations are always appreciated from members and visitors.  Please drop them off in the assigned area.  Sorry, .  VCR tapes are no longer accepted or stored.