Last Update: 03/01/2017
Guidelines: Activity Flyers

This assignment requires the volunteer to have some graphic arts experience combined with sufficient skill sets to utilize software tools and other online aids.  An email address is also beneficial to facilitate the use of the online flyer request form which is sent to .  Please notify the Webmaster of your assignment and email address.

An Activity Flyer Request form is available online. The Activity Flyer Request form is also available in print form on the Activities bulletin board.  Master copies of the form are available at the office or can be printed from the listing on the Activity Committee web page. 

All requests for an event MUST be approved in advance by the Activity Chair and appear on the Activity Calendar BEFORE a flyer is designed and printed.  Costs for paper and ink supplies are reimbursed to the volunteer assigned to flyers upon submission of a payment claim with receipts.

Mandatory Flyer Inclusions:

All flyers designed for the Activity Committee must include the following:

  • KOFA Ko-op logo
  • Name of event as printed on the calendar
  • Day of the event (Mon. or Monday etc.)
  • Date of the event (Dec. 10 etc. - year is not required)
  • Location of event
  • Information regarding what to bring or expected to pay.

There are two methods to generate an Activity Flyer Request:

1. Online - the Activity Flyer form can be found on the Activity web page.
2. Print the Activity Flyer Request form online or obtain a copy on the Activity bulletin board and manually complete it.

Online Submission:

The online form sends all submissions to the email address - .

Manual Submission:

For manual flyer requests (not done online) - the request is hand delivered to the volunteer assigned to Activity Flyers or placed in the assigned  volunteers mailbox.


The Activities bulletin board is for the exclusive use of the Activities Committee and their approved flyers/announcements only.  Flyers or announcements not approved by the Chair will be removed without notice.

Flyer General Rules:

  • The event must be approved in advance by the Activity Chair - no exceptions.
  • Always preview before you print, to save time and resources.
  • The initial printing is always in draft mode.
  • A final draft is always sent to the requester asking for a signature sign off.
  • All changes must always be initialed.
  • Authorized printings are always in normal print mode unless advised otherwise, to save resources.
  • The requester is ALWAYS right! 


If the volunteer assigned to flyers is away from KOFA, it is still possible to create and send new flyers to the park quickly.  Please follow these procedures:

  • Connect to the internet
  • Select your email program
  • Send an email with the flyer(s) as attachments to:
  • The email may have up to 10 attachments BUT they are limited to a total of 10 MB of data.
  • Once sent, send an email to the chair, to pickup the printouts.