Last Update: 04/01/2017
Guidelines: Event Host

The function of an Event Host is very similar to that of the Activity Chair - only on a smaller scales with significantly fewer responsibilities.  Nonetheless, as a Host, your authority is derived directly from the Activity Chair.

An Event Host coordinates park volunteers, delegates duties, and follows-up to ensure a successful event.  Managing people is more important than managing details, although attention to details is important; planning, delegation and giving support to your volunteers is the path to a successful, stress-free event.

For all approved events, the committee provides you with:

  • Sign-Up Sheets - 5 styles for easy customization - manual copies available from the office.
  • Bulletin Board Flyer - manual copy on Activity board.
  • Door Flyers - manual copy on Activity board.
  • Posting to Calendar - promote event online & in print - manual copy on Activity board. 
  • Event Worksheet - to help organize your event - manual copy available from the office.
  • Shopping List - have Chair initial for reimbursement - manual copy available from the office.
  • Payment Request - to get outlay costs reimbursed - manual copy available from the office.

Using these tools, along with planning and a little effort, the volunteer event host can achieve large event results.

Important Note:  This is a generic guideline for hosts in general.  A specific guideline for the current assignment has not been created.  You can change that.  Use the Report/Update form to advise the Chair of new procedures, tricks learned, mistakes to avoid, to make the task easier for the next volunteer.  Thank you for your support of KOFA Activities.