Last Update: 11/05/2017
Guidelines: Event Host

The function of an Event Host is very similar to that of the Activity Chair - only on a smaller scales with significantly fewer responsibilities.  Nonetheless, as a Host, your authority is derived directly from the Activity Chair.

An Event Host coordinates park volunteers, delegates duties, and follows-up to ensure a successful event.  Managing people is more important than managing details, although attention to details is important; planning, delegation and giving support to your volunteers is the path to a successful, stress-free event.

For all approved events, the committee provides you with:

  • Sign-Up Sheets - 5 styles for easy customization - manual copies available from the office.
  • Bulletin Board Flyer - manual copy on Activity board.
  • Door Flyers - manual copy on Activity board.
  • Posting to Calendar - promote event online & in print - manual copy on Activity board. 
  • Event Worksheet - to help organize your event - manual copy available from the office.
  • Shopping List - have Chair initial for reimbursement - manual copy available from the office.
  • Payment Request - to get outlay costs reimbursed - manual copy available from the office.

Using these tools, along with planning and a little effort, the volunteer event host can achieve large event results.

Important Note:  This is a generic guideline for hosts in general.  A specific guideline for this current assignment has been  created and added below.  You can change it.  Use the Report/Update form to advise the Chair of new procedures, tricks learned, mistakes to avoid, to make the task easier for the next volunteer.  Thank you for your support of KOFA Activities.

Additional specific guidelines are suggested and updated by past sub-committees/chairs to aid and assist future committees and volunteers.  We appreciate and acknowledge their unselfish effort.

Special Guidelines: Large Events Host (Thanksgiving/Christmas)

Keep Good Records & Receipts:

Use the Event Worksheet to assist your planning.

Sign-up Sheets:

  • Available online @ and from the office.  There is a sign-up sheet for volunteers to help cook/prepare/serve and clean-up as well sign-up sheets for attending the dinner along with what 'potluck' dish they are bringing. (Dinner Help & Large Dinner Sign-up)               '
  • Put sign-up sheets up on the Activity Desk on the west wall a few weeks prior to the dinner.

Periodically Check:

  • what spaces for volunteers need to be filled.
  • what "potluck" foods are still needed.
  • # of people signed up to attend.
  • if food is donated, keep track of quantities i.e. Turkeys/Hams
  • report to persons making announcements to keep park owners and guests up-to-date.

Two Days Prior to Dinner:

  • make sure all volunteer spaces are full.
  • remind those who have signed up to re-check the time to be in the kitchen.

Day of Dinner:

  • check on volunteers arriving on time.
  • make sure all people in kitchen are those volunteered at that time.  All others stay out of kitchen.

Dinner Time

  • Have two greeters - one for each door to assist door handling.
  • Make sure people wear name tags or place sticky name tags on visitors
  • Supervise 'Potluck' table. Have available - cutlery for serving- hot pads - napkins
  • Designate areas for hot dishes, cold vegetables and salads, condiments and sauces, and desserts on 'potluck' table.
  • cut pies and unwrap other covered dishes at serving time.

After Dinner:

  • Any potluck dishes left go to the counter between the kitchen and hall for people to pick up.
  • Have table wipers clean 'potluck' tables

Take a well deserved rest with our thank you to you, for doing this essential job.