Last Update: 10/29/2017
Guidelines: Movie This Week

The primary purpose of this event is to provide a free service of entertainment to a small group of friends, in addition to those unable to attend due to physical or health issues, on the park's private closed cable network (Channel 17)  This volunteer assignment requires only a few minutes of time twice a week (Friday & Sunday). 

The DVD player installed in the park technical room is the Insignia Model NS-D160A14.  Click here for an operating manual.  The DVD player has a 'repeat title' feature which permits the player to repeat play the DVD movie until stopped by the operator.

Policies & Procedures:

  1. DVD's from the DVD library or on loan from a member or visitor is acceptable.
  2. Select a movie acceptable by general audiences by Friday of each week.
  3. Send an update to the Activities Chair ( and the Calendar ( or drop a note in Box 158 - by Saturday Morning latest to get the movie title on the calendar.
  4. Write the movie title on the movie flyer located on the Activity bulletin board making note of the following:
  • Movie title - theme
  • Lead stars in movie
  • Movie run time (in minutes)
  • Time the movie is started (important to work out when the movie begins)

NOON Sunday has been found to be the best default start time... subject to opinion.

Starting the Movie

  1. The assigned volunteer may get the code to the Technical room from the Activity Chair.
  2. Turn on the DVD player.
  3. Turn on the TV monitor in the Tech room.
  4. Tune the monitor to Channel 17.
  5. Press OPEN/CLOSE to open the disc tray.
  6. Load the disc into the tray with the label side up.
  7. Press OPEN/CLOSE to close the tray. Playback starts automatically. (If playback does not start, press PLAY > on the remote control or the front of the DVD player to start playing the disc.) 

Repeating a DVD Disc

To repeat a DVD disc, first press PLAY > to start the movie.  Most movies have preview features prior to the main movie.  Press forward SKIP to get past these previews.  The 'Play Movie' screen will appear.  Press PLAY.

Once the movie has started, press the REPEAT one or more times on the remote, while pointed at the player, to select a repeat mode. The repeat sequence is:

  Repeat the current chapter
  Repeat the current title
  Repeat all the titles on the DVD
  Turn off repeat mode

The PREFERRED selection is:  Repeat <title>.  The DVD player will now play and repeat to play the DVD movie until stopped by the operator.

Title 17 (Copyright Law of the United States), Section 111: Limitations on exclusive rights: Secondary transmissions of broadcast programming by cable, sub-section 5 states: 'the secondary transmission is not made by a cable system but is made by a governmental body, or other nonprofit organization, without any purpose of direct or indirect commercial advantage, and without charge to the recipients of the secondary transmission...'