Last Update: 04/01/2017
Guidelines: Photographer

This is a very important volunteer assignment. The Activity Photographer is the primary marketing arm of the Activities Committee.

The Activities Photographer is responsible for taking pictures at events and social functions, posting them on the park's Facebook page and/or printing and posting them on the Activities Photo Board. The Photo Board is located in the clubhouse, east side, between the meeting room and the library.

The reason this assignment is so important is because everybody desires recognition. The committee wants to recognize and support its volunteers first and foremost. A photograph is a tool that can make that happen. Quoting names of those in the picture and the event the pictures were taken at goes a long way to build camaraderie, achieve acceptance within a group, and recognition of effort made.

The committees priorities for pictures are:

  1. The volunteer hosts - the people that make it happen;
  2. The volunteers who support the event host;
  3. The participants at the event.

The Activity Photographer will be alerted to attend special events attended by the Activity Chair. This is to ensure the Activity Photographer is in attendance for photo op purposes, particularly when special recognition or Certificates of Appreciation are presented.