Last Update: 11/30/2017
Guidelines: Shuffleboard

The Chair and Co-Chair assigned to shuffleboard are responsible for setup and take down of the courts prior to Nov. 1 and after March 31, the shuffleboard season, ordering necessary supplies and, establishing the season schedule. The Shuffleboard Courts are stored on the Clubhouse stage.  

The Shuffleboard equipment is stored in a closet just inside the south door of the Clubhouse.  This equipment includes cue sticks, pucks, scoreboard, scoreboard cloths, erasers, pens, silicone spray for the pucks and more.

Shuffleboard is normally scheduled in season for Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 9:00 am. Setup is at 8:30 am. An Activity Calendar Event Request is to be completed and submitted to indicate the start and finish dates of this event.

For shuffleboard court setup, please refer to this guideline.

The courts should be hosed down prior to setup of the courts and it is recommended the courts be hosed down monthly to remove accumulated sand.  Towels that were used with the silicone spray need to be laundered separately when needed.

Players draw for their partners at the beginning of the game.  For Activities, please post the winners of the weekly events on the Shuffleboard flyer located on the Activities bulletin board.  Use the pen/marker used for the white board.  Paper towels are located in the kitchen/bathrooms.  Thank you.

The courts were ordered from the Allen R. Shuffleboard Company. The silicone used must be of high quality and can be obtain from this company.