Pastor Jim Cooper

Services are provided every Sunday from mid-November to
mid-March starting at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 10:15. 
Communion is the first Sunday of the month.  There is coffee
and snacks before and after the service.  All are welcome.

Pastor Jim Cooper attended Bible College in the late 70ís, then went on to a career in Law Enforcement.  Before retiring, he went through the Ministers Internship program, studying for another two years before being licensed in May of 2000.

He has been the Pastor in KOFA since March of 2007.  Pastor Jim's wife of over 40 years, Kathy, operates the sound system, and projector for songs during the service when Jim is preaching. His heart is with the
seniors, and has been since he came to Yuma to visit his parents in 1996.

In the summer of 2013, Pastor Jim received a second license as a non-denominational  Pastor.  He now holds two licenses - one from the Church of God, out of Cleveland Tennessee,  and the other from Alaska. He calls his preaching method as cross-denominational.


 Pastor Jim also performs Weddings, Baptisms, Memorial Service's, Marriage and Anniversary renewals.