Governance - Click for SKP Directivegov-er-nance - noun - the action or manner of governing.  It relates to decisions that define expectations, grant power or verify performance. KOFA Ko-op is a not-for-profit corporation with bylaws that empower the Board of Directors to act on its behalf.  This chapter of the website reveals the corporate structure, its purposes, rights and limitations; from the bylaws, to the Board of Directors, standing and adhoc committees. This is how it works!  It started with the SKP Co-op Directive.
Do you know what a non-profit corporation is?  How about a co-op?  To get started, read an abridged version of a submission made to the Escapees Board of Directors in 1993.  It is called  ' The Guide to SKP Co-ops '  This
article is the first section of the Directors Manual each member of the KOFA Ko-op Board receives on taking office.
Click for Articles of IncorporationArticles of Incorporation:  The first step in establishing any corporation is enabling the name of the corporation, the United States IRS code, the type of corporation, directors liability and more. Click the image at left or here. Click for KOFA Ko-op BylawsBylaws:  Corporation bylaws are established by the members and maintained by the board.  It defines the powers for the Board of Directors, the rights of membership and more. For a copy of the bylaws click the image at left or here.
KOFA Ko-op
Board of Directors
Board-of-Directors.- Click for Code of ConductAs stated in the bylaws, the Board consists of nine directors, each serving a two year term. Five directors are elected one year, four directors are elected the second year. The Directors appoint four of the nine directors to be the corporate officers - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The remaining five elected individuals are considered Directors-at-large.  For a list of their committee liaison assignments click here.

It is important to note all the Directors of KOFA Ko-op are volunteers and receive no compensation.  Some would advocate it is a thank-less job, but in fact, it is an extremely rewarding experience.  Unquestionably a Director must posses or quickly develop people skills.  But time served, according to previous Directors, reflect on the experience in a very positive and enlightening way.  Current Directors are as follows:

Loyal McCammond Larry Seiger Shauna Simpson Ed Sprouse
president@kofako-op.com  vicepresident@kofako-op.com  secretary@kofako-op.com  treasurer@kofako-op.com 
Tom Dunkel Mary Lou Gadjosik
tdunkel@kofako-op.com mgajdosik@kofako-op.com 
All board meetings are recorded  checked for error or omissions, approved & filed - Minutes!
Board Policy The Board implements procedural policy & ensures Member Regulations and Park Rules are observed.
 +  Member Regulations   - apply to KOFA Ko-op members only.
 +  Park Rules   - apply to all members, visitors, and guests.
Board Standing &  Ad hoc Committees
Their are two types of committees created by the Board.  Standing Committees or permanent committees that meet regularly year after year; and Ad hoc Committees created for a specific, short term purposes that collapse when the assigned task is completed.  Some of the current standing committees are; Activities, Maintenance, Laundry, Landscape and Lot Development and more.

Rules, regulations and bylaws of other government bodies are imposed upon KOFA Ko-op and must be observed for planning & coordination of building codes and more importantly, the safety of members.  To learn more, click any of the guides below.
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