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                                                       SKP KOFA KO-OP RETREAT, INC.

3750 E. County 17th St .

Yuma , AZ 85365




1.    Awnings

Soft awnings may be attached to the RV; soft screened and securely anchored.

2.    Clotheslines

Members may use an umbrella-style clothesline or one mounted on the RV or shed.

3.    Coverage

Under-roof lot coverage is limited to fifty (50) percent.  Ten percent

(10%) may be used for planting and the balance of the sand shall be covered.

4.    Fire Hose

Members must have a twenty-five (25) foot (minimum) serviceable

Hose attached to the water faucet at all times.

5.    Lot changes

A member must contact the Lot Development and Evaluation Committee before any changes may be made to his/her lot.

6.    Mail

Limited to one forwarding address on file.

7.    Maintenance

A member must remove all weeds, flowers and other vegetation that will not survive the hot summer if left unattended.  Lots that are not maintained by the member will be maintained by the Manager and the member will be charged.

8.    Moving

Member must move his/her RV upon request from the Manager when an emergency situation arises.

9.  Infractions

(1)  Violation of RV parking rules: $15.00 per day until corrected;

(2)  Failure to pay electric bills within 30 days from billing: $10.00 per month;

(3)  Failure to pay assessments or annual operating fee within 30 days; $25.00 plus 18% late charge per year until paid;

(4)  Fines and/or fees for all other violations relating to noncompliance with Corporate Bylaws, Leasehold Agreement, Board of Directorsí operating/management decisions, Park Rules, Membership Regulations and/or Articles of Incorporation, shall be as determined by the Board of Directors.

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3750 E. County 17th St .

                                     Yuma , AZ 85365




10.            Payments

1.    Operating fee and assessments must be paid within thirty (30) days.

2.    Other fees and fines must be paid within ten (10) days, or before if leaving the Ko-op.

3.    Unpaid penalties will be added to the Annual Fee of the violator.

Continued failure to comply may result in termination of membership.

11.           Rental Pool

Members must sign a Rental Pool Agreement each time they wish to participate in the Rental Pool program.  Must notify Manager seven (7) days prior to canceling the agreement.





Adopted January 19, 1999