Before there was a KOFA Ko-op, before land was purchased, early members of the Escapee RV Club had a dream to create a co-op park in the Yuma area.  When they first approached the Escapee RV Club, the club insisted that a chapter be formed first.  That resulted in the creation of Escapee Chapter 7 - Roadrunners.  Shortly following that, the newly formed chapter members again solicited the support of the Escapee RV Club to create the co-op.  The response was the Escapee Directive - a living document to this day which is annually reviewed by the Escapee RV Club (Escapees Inc.) and amended as required.
                                                     SKP Co-op Directives                                       Last Revision: April, 2013
      This page is subject to change at any time.

Purpose:  To preserve both the minimum standards and the concept on which the SKP Co-ops were built, Escapees Inc. (Escapees RV Club) requires that all SKP Co-ops abide by these five directives:

1.  Must be a nonprofit corporation.

2.  SKP Co-op members must be, and remain, members of the Escapees RV Club.

3.  Each SKP Co-op must obtain a parking section exclusively for Escapees traveling members that is equal to 10 percent of the Co-ops member sites.

  1. These sites may include full-hookup options (electric, water, sewer) or they simply be primitive dry-camping sites.
  2. Sites in this special section should rotate on a first-in/first-out basis.
  3. If these sites remain primitive, a dump station and a spigot for filling the RV water tank should be available to them.
  4. If there is a gray or black water dumping fee imposed at the SKP Co-op, then the same charge shall apply to the primitive space guests.
  5. If hookups are available in this parking section, use of those amenities must remain optional.  Should an Escapee visitor elect not to use those amenities, a $2.50 (or less) with a $7.50 maximum dry camping fee shall be charged.
  6. Should the Escapees visitor elect to make use of additional services such as swimming pools or showers, an additional facility/amenity fee may be implemented by the SKP Co-op, but members shall be allowed access to the clubhouse and invited activities programs at no additional charge (unless there is an activity fee associated with that event that is required by all attendees.
  7. Escapee members staying in this parking section should be offered a chance to rent a site in the rental pool section when a site is available.

4.  The SKP Co-op must maintain a waiting list.  Members shall be refunded their purchase expenses and special assessment fees (capital improvements) upon the sale of their membership.  The SKP Co-op is not responsible for the cost of improvements made but will attempt to find a buyer who will compensate the member for those improvements.

5.  It is the SKP Co-op's responsibility to govern itself within applicable laws of local, state and federal regulations, and those laws shall supersede these directives; however, the following items will be submitted to Escapees Inc for their files:

  1. Current copy of the SKP co-op bylaws.
  2. Annual list of officers and board members.
  3. Annual roster of members for membership validation.
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