City of Yuma
                                                                   2012 General Plan

The 2012 City of Yuma General Plan is an exhaustive study document used to review, analysis and plan future development of city lands.  General plans are updated every 10 years.

With respect to KOFA Ko-op Retreat, the following pages of the original document are reproduced for your review.  The land the co-op park occupies is located immediately east of a new area designated in the plan as 'Estancia Future Growth Area.'  and is denoted on the page below as a *.  The only reference to this area in the General Plan is noted as follows:

An additional area of note is a “Future” Growth Area consisting of the Estancia annexation and adjoining transitional lands, totaling approximately 10 square miles of rural area generally southeast of Avenue A and County 16th Street . This area has had some Planning activity yet is possibly a decade or more away from commencing any infrastructure development. This area could be considered as a Growth Area in the distant future but inclusion at this time is premature.