The KOFA Gopher
by Gary Grant
Photos courtesy Nancy Grant
KOFA Gopher? Say that three times... KOFA Golfer, Kofa Golfer... KOFA... good luck!  And it is good luck one needs to catch a gopher, a resident gopher, a gopher that loved to dig! And it was good luck that came to an end for the KOFA Gopher recently when the resident gopher finally met his maker. But this is not a sad story but a short 'good-to-hear' story.

You may have been one of the KOFA residents who knew the park was playing host to a gopher who had taken up residency in the sump at the north west corner. He was a busy little fellow staying close to home but on occasion spreading out along the border of member Don and Pauline Frye's lot number 83 and member John and Hilary Ball's lot number 82. That gopher was making a real nuisance of himself, under-mining the beautiful landscaping while tunneling and leaving borrowing holes in the sump.

If you want to learn more about the Arizona gopher, you can do so by clicking here. But that's not the real story.  Here's the real story...

John Arnold and his wife Carol, members on Lot 27, spend some of their winter quietly in their park model. By coincidence, their lot is located across the road from the northwest sump. It may surprise some to know that John is an ardent volunteer for the Landscaping Committee and the the committee by coincidence, has been working in the northwest sump as their 2013/2014 design project. All those coincidences came to bear on John and Carol, and then there was the KOFA Gopher. The pressures soon culminated into what became a thirty day battle to conquer the undesirable KOFA gopher resident in the sump, and in the end, by any means possible! 

At first, John did his best to be kind and considerate to the KOFA Gopher in hope to catch and release him. But soon, the gopher drew a line in the sand by refusing to leave despite John's best efforts. The rules of war changed and on February 19, 2014, that hole-digging KOFA Gopher lost the battle.

So, here's a well deserved nod of acknowledgement and thanks to John, for his grueling effort, sacrifice and strife, in putting an end to the KOFA Gopher's hole digging days, at least until a successor decides to move it.  But this time, we will be prepared.

Until then, we'll leave the technical details in John's words; 'It was a tough battle but, after 30 days of soaking and poking, we finally got him.' and out came the biggest smile one can ever imagine.  It laid itself across the face of John Arnold.  He had become the proud, yet humble warrior. Congratulations John, on a job well done.
  Now that's a story!
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