KOFA Ko-op Has Heart
by Henny Scholten & Gary Grant

Many of the ladies of KOFA spend their hours and days working busily to make it better for the ill children of Arizona. Their contributions have gone to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Arizona and the Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation.  The ladies are all members of the Optimist Club. These deserving children are cancer patients. One of the severe side effects of chemo and radiation therapy is the loss of hair. This year the ladies contributed two hundred and ninety-five wool caps, twelve quilts and two baby blankets. Much of the yarn was donated by late Nancy Hudson.

'We have doubled our hat contribution over last year,' commented Henney Scholten. 'They still need lots more because they ran out of hats this year,' she added. Congratulations ladies, and many thanks for your devoted efforts.

Left to right - Lotte DePoule, Peggy Hess, Henney Scholten, Nancy
Hudson, Pat Dunkel, Evelyn Gamron
The late Nancy Hudson hard at work on a quilt.
A massive effort by the ladies of KOFA Ko-op
Left to right - Sheila Wagner, Betty Labrecque, Henny Scholten, Fran Torgler, Dale Person, Lotte DePoule and Pat Blanchard.

And this story does not stop here.  The ladies of KOFA Ko-op, continue to devote their time to this worthy cause on an annual basis.  For the year 2014 the group has increased its donation to 319 items.  Thanks for the thoughts and hard work.

Left Photo:

Contributors in 2014 (left to right):
  Kathy Cooper, Henny Scholten, Ann Hutchinson, Monica rose, Carol Arnold, Brenda Neil, Jeannie Frase, Peggy Hess, Aldora Long, Lotte DePoule, Pat Blanchard

              Right Photo:
                    Darlene Johnson

Update: Feb. 2016
At the conclusion of our story above, it was the hope of the group to create approximately 500 hats for the following season. But as luck would have it, so many more ladies jumped aboard the bandwagon of hope & heart. For the 2015 season a total of 2216 hats plus 26 quilts were made and donated. 

One lady in particular,  Darlene Johnson deserves special mention.  Darlene was a visitor to KOFA Ko-op in 2015.  She was also very sick.  For her, making hats took her mind off her illness and make them she did - a total of 1000!  Unfortunately, Darlene passed away in November 2015.  Her daughters, in memory of their mother, created another 116 hats leaving 1100 hats made and donated by the ladies of KOFA Ko-op.  Simply amazing!

Contributors in the photo above (left to right): Carol Arnold, Eldora Long, Darlene Reddick, Ann Bowles, Susan Ellison, Donna Marschall, Jeannie Frase, Barb Frazel, Henny Scholten, Mickey Vincent, Nancy Scheldberg, Ann Hutchison, Nancy Grant, Monica Rose  (not present - Fran Torgler, Ann Berger)   

Update: Feb. 2017
                                                          1364 Cancer Hats - 72 Quilts - 34 Lap Afghans

2017 Contributors: Carol Arnold, Carolyn Kendrick, Marilyn Tibben, Ann Berger, Barb Frazel, Henney Scholten, Nancy Grant, Kathy Cooper, Dorothy McKenney, Brenda Neil, Donna Marshall, Gail Brown, Susan Ellison. Monica Rose, Lotte DePoule, Tina Miller, Bernice & the California Group 
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