Visitor’s Appreciation Song
Joyous Noise Chior
Photo Courtesy - Tina Miller
On Wednesday, February 5, 2014, at the Visitor's Appreciation Dinner held annually at KOFA Ko-op, the Joyous Noise Choir under the direction of Tina Miller performed a very special song, 'Home, Home At Our Park' with lyrics created by Jeannie Frase - Lot 51.  The song was so well received by a record attendance of 207 people, for posterity, they have been stored here in the KOFA Journal for your future enjoyment.
Sung to the Music of ‘Home on the Range’ by Daniel E. Kelly - 1873
Lyrics created by Jeannie Frase – 2014

Home, Home At Our Park

Verse 1-

We are blessed with a park
Where the renters are part
Of the fun, that goes on every day.
We are sure to have fun,
When we all work as one,
‘cause our renters have come here to stay.


Home, home at our park.
Where our renters share both work and play.
Where seldom is heard a harsh sounding word,
As the sun, shines bright all the day.

Verse 2- 

They come to our park 
With dogs that don’t bark
And take 4-oclock walks every day.
Then they shuffle and play,
Line dance, sing, and stay
In out park, from October to May.

Verse 3-

Oh give us a park,
With that special spark,
Of new friends to meet every day.
We are sure to have fun,
Down here in the sun,
With the guests, who come here to play!


(voices only/no music:) 

Where seldom is heard a harsh sounding word, 
As the sun shines bright all the day. 

The Joyous Noise Choir is a fun loving group of KOFA members numbering 12-15 people.  Started and directed by Tina Miller, Lot 101, she continues to lead the choir during its regular Tuesday and Thursday practice days.

Performing during the Christmas season, as well as several other events including the Visitor Appreciation Dinner, Annual Member General Meeting, and St. Patrick's Day.  All members of the choir enjoy the music and fellowship of singing together combined with lots of laughter during practices.. 

The Joyous Noise Choir will continue to be an enjoyment to the hears of SKP KOFA Ko-op members and visitors in the years to come.

Choir Members (2013/14) - Picture (r to l, f to b) Marsha Philips, Mickey Dunbar, Dorothy Jackman, Jennie Frase, Tina Miller, Carol Arnold, Henney Scholten, Gary Dunbar, Joanne Andresen, Charlie Matulis, Bob Philips, Bill Griffin, Ray Jecks ,John Frase.  (Missing - Donna Marschall, Carolyn Swanson, Evelyn Gamron)

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