A Tribute
Maggie & Hugh Greever

FriendsJust east of the KOFA KO-OP park entrance is a house built by Maggie & Hugh Greever.  This home was completed shortly after the park was finished.  They were the only neighbors around at the time, so the park residents and the Greever's became instant friends.  In fact, they were later dubbed Honorary Kofans.

They were very helpful to the park residents in several ways:

  • Hugh setup a computer program when we had none.

  • They donated money to the park charity efforts.

  • They loaned their yard for overflow parking

  • They sold us the acreage known as 'the dog park'.

  • They were our friends

Hugh passed away and Cory, their son, moved in with Maggie.  Maggie passed peacefully in 2010.  Though many today do not know the Greever's, they were an important part of the early history of KOFA KO-OP.  We are proud to provide this tribute in their memory.

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