C;ick here for the Escapee RV Network ForumWhy are more and more people flocking to the web in place of television? Very simple - the web is interactive, alive, and allows you to talk back to it in a way very few other mediums allow.  When you post a comment or query, it's called a thread.  You'll see that word pop up every now and then as you proceed.  The Forum is DRAMA free!  If you start drama you will be warned, and if you didn't learn your lesson you will be banned.

The Forum is the Escapee's Discussion Forum called the RV Network.  Let's keep KOFA issues within the KOFA community please.  Please don't air your dirty laundry in somebody else's back yard.

To get started, all you need to do is sign in and give yourself  'an identity' and then log into the forum.  That's about it.  
Now lets talk briefly about some basic rules to follow:

Forum Basic Rules 

  1. Be respectful, no fighting or personal attacks.

  2. Absolutely no discussions regarding religion or politics. Posts that are political or religious in nature will be removed and all participants will be warned.

  3. If you have any concerns, questions, or problems contact the Administrators. Going public with your grievances is automatic grounds to be banned, regardless of your warn status.

  4. Decisions of the Administrators are FINAL. 

  5. Treat the Administrators with respect. Using profane language and displaying violent/abusive behavior are grounds for immediate ban and revocation of  Escapee membership.

  6. No Trolling!  Do not start topics or discussions in order to cause conflict.

  7. If someone starts a thread that you don't like or if it's just someone who annoys you, try to avoid it. Don't feed the trolls!  In the Forum, you can use the ignore function under My Settings->Profile->Manage Ignored Users

  8. No Thread Hijacking. Thread hijacking is taking over someone's thread, attacking or questioning the original Poster's post in order to ruin the thread.

  9. No commercial advertising, or spamming, is allowed.

  10. Do not start a new topic to rehash a topic which has already been closed/unapproved. Do not refer to or copy closed/unapproved topics.

  11. The Forum board is to discuss issues and new ideas not individuals. Leave names and specifics out. Don't name names unless what you're saying has been documented as fact in court and you can back up your statements.

  12. You are responsible for your statements. What you post can be read by hundreds or thousands of people. Libelous or defamatory statements will not be tolerated. Nor will any unfounded statements of illegal activity.

  13. You may not post a copyrighted photo taken by a professional photographer unless you have purchased that photo. Do not post proofs. Do not copy and post copyrighted photos from other Websites.

  14. Please re-size large pictures. If pictures are considered to be too large they will be deleted without notification. 

In the end, these rules are up to the interpretation of the Administrators. Escapees reserve the right to suspend the access of any forum participant who violates the rules, or fails to follow the directions of the administrators and/or moderators or for any reason.


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