Are You Interested In Becoming a Member of KOFA Ko-op?            

Overview:  KOFA Ko-op is a cooperative park owned and operated by SKP KOFA Ko-op Retreat Inc., a non-profit corporation with no shareholders, only members.  Each member holds a lease to a lot for as long as the members wish to hold the lease, in good standing, or become deceased, at which time the value of the lease is refunded to their estate and the lot is then transferred to the persons at the top of the prospective member waitlist.

Lots are either bare lots or, lots with a park model on them.  The advantage to a bare lot is, when not in use by the member, it can participate in a park rental pool where the member earns 60% of the rental revenue to a maximum of the previous annual operating fee.

For more information on how a SKP co-op works, please read 'The Guide to SKP Co-ops.' 

To become eligible to be a member, you have to satisfy three specific requirements:

  1. Be a member, in good standing, of the Escapees RV Club;
  2. Be 55 years of age or older;
  3. Be on the Prospective Member Waitlist between 1 and 50.

The first step is to join the Escapees RV Club.  Next, you have to get onto the waitlist. For this process you:

  1. Visit the office
  2. Complete a Waitlist Application Form and a Waitlist Beneficiary Form
  3. Pay a deposit of $1000.00 USD plus administration fees.
  4. Get your receipt and wait.

The waitlist is updated regularly between November 1 and March 31 each year, when the Lot Transfer Committee regularly meets Once you have reached #50 or less on the waitlist, and provided you have reach 55 years of age, you are eligible to purchase an available lot lease with a park model on it.  You cannot purchase a vacant or bare lot lease until you have reached #1 on the waitlist and, you are 55 years of age or older.

Next, we'll review the process of selling/acquiring a lot lease with a park model on it.

  1. Notify the office.  The office in turn will notify the Lot Transfer Committee.
  2. The Lot Transfer Committee notifies the Lot Development Committee, who will inspect & verify the park model complies with all Kofa and Yuma bylaws and ordinances, listing any deficiencies.
  3. The Lot Transfer Committee notifies the Lot Evaluation Committee, who will inspect and evaluate improvements made to the lot only and provide an assessment value of those improvements.
  4. The seller prepares 55 flyers for a property listing which includes:
  1. Pictures and a description of the park model, any inclusions, exclusions, and the asking price.
  2. The value of the lot improvements.
  3. The current value of the lot lease.
  4. The lot transfer fee.
  5. Total price.

Once the flyers are approved by Lot Transfer Committee, one is posted on the notice board on the east side of the clubhouse for 72 hours.  Within this 72 hour period, the listing is available exclusively for existing members who may, based on seniority, offer to acquire the park model/lot ahead of the waitlist.

After 72 hours, if no offers are received, the remaining flyers are mailed, at the seller's expense, to all persons on the waitlist between 1 and 50.  There is a waiting period of 21 days before any sale can take place to allow all eligible persons on the waitlist the opportunity to receive the information and make an offer for the park model, again based on offer value and seniority.

The actual sale of the park model is between the seller and the purchaser only.  Once an agreement to purchase is made between the seller and purchaser, the Lot Transfer Committee facilitates the transfer of the park model, lot and lot improvements.  Your name is then removed from the waitlist and transferred to the bottom of the Member Seniority List.

If you want to acquire only a bare lot, you must stay on the waitlist until your number rises to the top.  At that time, you are allowed to turn down a bare lot 3 times after which, your name goes to the bottom of the waitlist or your deposit is refunded..

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the deposit refundable?
A: Yes, at anytime. The beneficiary form is completed just in case, well, you know.

Q: Can I change who the beneficiary is?
A: Yes, at anytime.  Contact the office.

Q: Can I purchase a Park Model and have it removed?
A. Yes, at your expense.

Q: Once I purchase a park model, am I eligible to get a bare lot ahead of the waitlist if it comes available?
A: Yes, based on seniority.  However you cannot posses two lot leases.  Therefore, you must have a purchaser for your lot with the Park Model so both transfers can be made on the same day.

Q: How long will it take to get to the top of the waitlist?
A: If you check the current Prospective Members Waitlist, you will see the date the prospective member joined the waitlist. 

Q:  Can I get on the waitlist when I am 40 years of age?
Y:  Yes.  When you reach #1 on the waitlist, and you are not 55 years of age or older, you still do not qualify to become a member.  Therefore you will stay #1 until the age of 55 at which point you can turn down a lot 3 times before being placed back to the bottom of the waitlist. Since you do not qualify for membership, available lots will be offered first to those who have now reached the #2 position on the waitlist.

For other questions, call the Lot Transfer Committee at (928) 344-0900 or email them at
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