A Sub-Committee of the Activities Committee of KOFA Ko-op Retreat

to the
Roadrunners Camping Group

Dedicated to promoting South Western Arizona Hospitality & RV Camping!

Email us:   roadrunners@kofako-op.com

Last Update:  12/01/2015
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Past Rally Venues

California Desert (Ogilby Road)
Mile 99 - Quartzsite
Gila Bend

Group Purpose:

The group was created in the fall of 2015 to provide an outlet for the member's of KOFA Ko-op, their friends, and fellow RV'ers to see and experience south western Arizona recreational vehicle camping and promote friendship amongst peoples who enjoy these activities.  The group is overseen by the Activities Committee and administered by a committee volunteer to be identified as the 'Wagonmaster.'

It is the Wagonmaster's responsibility and authority to administer the KOFA Ko-op - Roadrunner's Camping Group, with the financial assistance of a independent budget granted under the authority of the Activities Committee. 

The Wagonmaster's responsibilities include, without limiting the aforementioned:

  1. organize and promote regional rallies utilizing assets of the Committee.
  2. maintain proper financial instruments related to an independent budget.
  3. solicit and organize additional resources and volunteers to achieve goals.
  4. promote friendship, cooperation and assistance achieving common goals with the Activities Committee.
  5. report annually, including financial and organizational activities of the group, to the Activities Committee.
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