During peak periods, wi-fi bandwidth is at a premium.  Please be courteous to other wi-fi users.

Free Wi-Fi at Kofa Ko-opAt KOFA Ko-op, we work hard to deliver the best wi-fi we can. But our efforts are only part of the solution, you play a critical part too. If you do not have up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software running on your computer, you are probably slowing down our system for everyone else. Sophisticated computer software today works your computer hard, and you don't even know it! 

If you use RV park internet wi-fi, you no doubt have your share of horror stories of slow connections, dropped pages, and hours of frustration trying to get done what you need to get done.  Often the blame is limped on the RV park's wi-fi system, but hang on, this could be a case of, 'We have met the enemy, and he is us.'

There is so much the internet offers: email, bill paying,  mapping, great blogs and information.  There are also sites that offer plenty of entertaining offerings: Netflix, Hulu. Skype Video and others.  But with all the internet has to offer, there is only so much an RV park wi-fi system can offer - bandwidth.  Every user takes a little chunk of that available bandwidth, and the more the chunks, the slower the whole system works.

Even worse, if your computer system is infected with malware or spyware, your computer is working overtime in the background, eating up more bandwidth. Turn it off!

When someone logs onto a wi-fi system and takes a BIG chunk of the bandwidth to say, download a movie, or stream music, that big chunk can really slow down all other park users.  More than one RV'er has spent a disgruntling couple of hours trying to 'take care of business' on the internet, only to hear next morning his neighbor bragging about a great movie he downloaded the night before.

Please add this to your courtesy list:  if you have got your own, personal internet connection, download your movies, audio books, and the like at will.  But, If you are sharing a wi-fi connection in an RV park, please restrict yourself from using those big download services and keep your computer system clean.  Your neighbors will appreciate it and you will appreciate it, the next time you log on.

Please pay particular attention to the article at the right.  It contains a link to free malware protection software you can quickly download and then scan your system. Take advantage of this opportunity.  What have you got to lose but some really bad stuff in your system software and gain a faster, cleaner computer.  Good deal, huh?

Trouble connecting to KOFA Ko-op WiFi?  Click here!

5 Things You Should Do With
 Your Computer
- Right Now!
By Jack Yates, Computer Safety

Update your computer defenses.

Update your firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and a new one, anti-malware. "Sounds like too many things to do. I don't have anything on my hard drive that anyone wants." Don't be so sure. If Hackers can't get your money they will use your hard drive to make money. How? Hackers will take charge of your hard drive and use it to send out Spam Email and Phishing scams throughout the world every time you go on the Internet. At rates of almost 1/2 cents a piece, that's good money for people from Korea, Russia, South Africa, China and elsewhere.  The important thing here is not only is it slowing down your computer, but everyone else on the Wi-Fi network.  Yes, we all suffer when thousands, maybe millions of Emails are sent all day long from your computers.

Install anti-malware software.

Anti-malware software like www.malwarebytes.com searches your registry and other files for Trojan Horses. These are sneaky programs that can hide away from all the other anti programs you have installed and do all kinds of damage. Some of these will follow you on the Internet, pick up passwords and Id's, steal your identity and load up your WI-FI with Spam and scams being sent to others just to name a few. 

Turn off Sharing files, folders and printers.

Many of the computers with Vista and Windows 7 are sold with Sharing Files and Sharing Folders turned on. This should only be used when you have more than one computer in your house and your own private network, not when you are out and about in the RV world. Do you want to share your computer information with others? Find out now how you can turn these information leaks off.

Scan your drives regularly.

Make it a habit of scanning your drives at regular intervals (including your flash drive) with the programs mentioned above. They all serve a purpose to keep you safe and allow you to have an enjoyable time on the Internet.

Change your Internet passwords.

The rules for safe passwords are: They must be 8 or more digits, at least one capital letter and 1 number. You should change your password every 6 months particularly on critical accesses like banks, credit cards and brokerage accounts.

The Little Black Book of Scams

This Canadian publication aims to increase awareness of the types of fraud that target individuals and offers some steps you can take to protect yourself and avoid falling victim to fraud.  This booklet debunks common myths about scams, provides helpful tips, and answers your questions. 
Click here for cell phone tips and warnings. Do you own a cell phone?  Of course you do but, we doubt you know it can do what we are going to tell you here.  You'll be amazed and glad you spent 5 minutes reading this valuable material. In fact, we know it will be the best 5 minutes you'll ever spend on your cell phone. Please take the necessary steps to take full advantage of the information.  Be safe!

Click here
or the image at left for information about your cell phone.
Is Windows 7 or Vista running slow?  Does it act up but you don't know what that problem is or how to fix it?  For PC users, Microsoft Windows has an Optimizer program with troubleshooters that can help.  There are many potential problems and many solutions the Optimizer has to offer.  Just take one at a time, and work your way through to the end.  You must be online to perform these functions so get to somewhere you have a good wi-fi signal - and please be patient.

Click here or the image at right for the Microsoft Windows 7 & Vista Optimizer Link. 

Courtesy of the KOFA Ko-op Retreat Technical Committee

Click here for the Microsoft Optimizer
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