Wi-Fi Troubleshooter Q & A

This page is supported by the Wi-Fi sub-committee of the KOFA Ko-op Technical Committee.  Questions and answers are posted when issues & solutions are found that may aid you in accessing and enjoying the KOFA Ko-op Wi-Fi system.
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Q. I can connect to the park wi-fi modem/router but why can I not sign-on to the internet?
A. Every computer, laptop, tablet and cell phone are different because of the way you or your provider has set its system up.  KOFA's Wi-Fi sign-on page normally appears shortly after you open your web browser.  It cannot however, override a secure web page such as Googles home page or any web page that begins as 'HTTPS://.

To resolve the sign-on issue, in your browser's address bar enter an 'HTTP:// site such as http://kofako-op.com.  Shortly after the page appears, the KOFA Wi-Fi sign-on will appear.

Q. I am having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi system.  What can I do about it?
A. KOFA Ko-ops Wi-Fi system was designed to be accessible anywhere in the park by most computers and laptops.  However, some laptops and many tablet devices have  a very poor internal antenna.  In such a case, the Technical committee recommends using the Alfa 500mW Wireless Antenna. They are available from KOFA for $30.00 and can be used anywhere your travels take you. Contact Fred Schwarz on lot 59 to purchase the device.  After installation, if you have been assigned a KOFA Access Code, you will need to exchange it for a new Access Code.
Q. Why can't I stream Netflix or Hulu
A. It would require a disproportionate share of the service.
Q. Sometimes my computer starts a Windows Update automatically.  What should I do about it?
A. You can stop automatic updates by the following procedure: 1. Open Windows Update by clicking the Start Button and displaying the Programs List. 2. In the left pane, click on Change Settings  3. Under Important Updates, choose the option - 'check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.' 4. Click OK.
Q. I've heard KOFA has had some problems with pirated movies. What does that mean, and are the possible consequences for our park, and what are we doing about it?  
A. Movies, music and the like are copyrighted material.  To copy, distribute or download copyright material without permission is a felony subject to imprisonment and/or heavy fines.  On several occasions, KOFA's network has been identified as violating copyright and its internet provider has cut off access.  Resumption of service was provided only after park assurances the matter was being addressed.
KOFA has instituted a 'network access control' policy for its wifi network.  For a device to access the system, an access code, identifying the user, will be issued by the office at the time of check-in.  This will help identify any abusers of the system, who may have their access restricted or terminated.
For more Technical Committee information on wi-fi courtesy and security... click here!
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