Lot Rental Rates
01 Oct. 2017 - 30 Apr. 2018
Daily: $20.00 + Tax & Electric
Weekly: $100.00 + Tax & Electric
Long Stay: $100.00 per Week
4th Week 1/2 price
+ Tax & Electric
Dry Camp: $7.50/Day + Tax
7 Day Max/30 Day Out
Electrical Rate: $0.1335/kwh
Dumpsite: $10.00
Credit Card Max - $500.00/month Cash or
Personal U$ Check
KOFA Ko-op Park Rules
KOFA Ko-op Park Map

              KOFA Ko-op Retreat Is A Special Place.

A modern RV park, KOFA Ko-op is a community of members, many of whom reside in the park all year.  For this reason, almost half of the lots have 'Park Models' in various styles, old and new, that add a refreshing variety to the park atmosphere.

KOFA Ko-op is a proud member of the Escapees RV Club.  Only members of the club or guests of KOFA Ko-op members may visit and stay at the park.  Space is a premium mid-January to mid-March so, a pristine dry camping overflow area is available with average lot waiting periods of 48 hours. All visitors have access to the clubhouse, pool, spa, laundry, shower and other facilities nearby, and are encouraged to participate in park activities.

Stay at KOFA Ko-op for a day, a week, or the entire winter season.  We have the best rates in town.  Become a KOFA Ko-op member and call it home to enjoy Yuma's moderate temperatures, dry sunny days and star filled nights from sunrise to sunset and more, every day of the year!

Click here for an overview image of KOFA Ko-op Retreat.
Directions to 3750 E. County 17th St. (80th St.) Yuma, AZ 85365
GPS: N: 32.582408   W: 114.567234 
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Office Hours: Oct 1 - Apr 30

May 1 - Sep 30
Mon - Sat
Closed Daily
8:00am - 4:30pm
9:00am - 3:30pm
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Note: After hours, pick up a package inside the office entrance. Park in the dry camping area for the night. Check in at office in the morning. Click here for Park Rules on pets
Telephone: (928) 344-0645   Facsimile: (928) 344-6223   Email: office@kofako-op.com

KOFA Ko-op is an Escapee Members Only RV park.  All rental lots and availability are done only on a
first come - first served basis. A dry camp overflow area is also available located close to the laundry and showers. You may check availability by calling the office on your day of arrival at 928 344-0645 or send an email to: office@kofako-op.com . To become a member of the Escapees RV Club, click here!

We take pride in the services, friendly atmosphere, and stay experience of our park.  If you have stayed at KOFA Ko-op and not completed our Guest Survey, please do so now.  Also, if you have the time, please submit a Google Review of your stay with us. Thank you.
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