Committees - Join Us!

Join a committee and contribute to your community!  

There are two types of committees; Standing Committees are permanent committees that meet regularly year-after-year, and Ad hoc Committees which are created for a specific, short term purpose, then collapsed when the assigned task is completed.  The current standing committees are highlighted below, in alphabetical order. To be put in touch with a Committee Chair, call the office or send us an e-mail office@kofako-op.com.



This busy committee plans our pot lucks, holiday & other dinners, crafts, social events, music nights, billiard & card playing tournaments, as well as yoga and line dancing. You can find all of this and more in our ACTIVITIES SECTION or on our EVENT CALENDAR.



 This committee audits the records of the previous fiscal year prior to the Annual General Meeting, whenever a new Treasurer takes office, during a managerial change, and at any time that the Board directs them to do so. 



Our Budget committee prepares the budget and anticipates the expenses for the coming year re: operation and maintenance of the Corporation.  This committee works closely with the Chairs of all of the committees on an individual basis to discuss the forecasting process.



Another very busy group, the Clubhouse Committee works tirelessly on seasonal set up for meetings and gatherings, cleaning/housekeeping, decorating for holidays, and seasonal tear down.  They also supervise, maintain, &  facilitate the two main craft areas in the clubhouse as well.



Our Election Committee collects Board of Directors nominee resumes and distributes them to the membership for consideration, makes ballots for voting, as well as  collates/counts these ballots prior to the General Meeting.  They also play an integral part at the AGM coordinating registration, proxy ballots, as well as member packages. 


Governing Documents

 Governing Documents reviews proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Park Rules, & Member Regulations.  This committee works to ensure that there are no contradictions, duplications, or erroneous informational items included therein, all while maintaining compliance with Federal, State, & County laws. 



  This committee mediates issues deemed unsolvable by and between members wherein a circumstance or condition is thought to be unjust, or to be grounds for complaint or resentment in accordance with KOFA KO-op Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, Leasehold Agreement, or current Committee Guidelines. 



 The Inventory Committee keeps track of non-disposable assets within the park, as well as depreciating assets, along with their date of purchase and use, serial/model number, and any other identifying information.  They will meet with the Chairs of each committee to determine if these items  are still serviceable, or if there is a surplus of items how they will be sold, disposed of, etc.  



 This committee works tirelessly to keep our grounds and common areas beautiful while partnering with the Leaseholders to ensure that approved plantings and lot maintenance (weed abatement, tree and shrub trimming, etc.) in all areas of the park are kept up to date.  



 This committee empties the coin boxes from the laundry area bi-weekly, as well as counts/wraps, and records the proceeds from this collection.  They are also responsible for maintenance of all laundry room equipment. 



 The Library Committee maintains this area with new magazines (less than 1 year old), books, puzzles, SKP Newsletters, current catalogs, telephone directories, maps, & travel information.  Photo albums are also stored in the Library and maintained by the park historian.  


Long Range Planning

 Long Range Planning identifies specific areas of priority to be addressed pertaining to the longevity of the park.  They will also consider recommendations from the Board of Directors, as well as Leaseholders.  The committee may feel it is important to call on an expert (if needed) which will be determined by the committee when necessary. 


Lot Development

 This committee accepts submissions from Leaseholders pertaining to improvements that they wish to make to their property.  Lot Development will receive sketches and drawings as to the intended improvements and issue permits as deemed appropriate.  Yuma County may also require a permit, which is the Leaseholder's responsibility. 


Lot Evaluation

Lot Evaluation appraises lots for sale or transfer.  They also make determinations as to whether lots are in compliance with KOFA guidelines and rules prior to transfer or trade between Leaseholders.  This committee also determines depreciation of an item's condition or function. 


Lot Transfer

Lot Transfer receives completed Wait List applications, maintains the wait list, and initiates yearly communication with those on that list. This committee coordinates all transfers of lots between current and new Leaseholders.  They are available to answer questions via phone          (928) 344-0900 or email ltc@kofako-op.com 

on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1pm-3pm



Our Maintenance Committee is responsible for making and monitoring repairs on electrical systems, water lines, septic systems, and all other common properties of KOFA KO-OP.  They perform scheduled maintenance on these systems as well as maintain any necessary repair records.  



This committee collects resumes of those choosing to run in the Board of Directors Election that is held at the Annual General Meeting.  These resumes are then presented to the Elections Committee Chair by the deadline date.



 This committee supports all technical aspects of KOFA. They maintain the computers, networks, equipment, cable tv & telephone, sound system and web page webmaster@kofako-op.com. When available, committee members assist other members and guests with use of technical equipment and systems.



Our Welcome Committee greets all overnight guests and visitors to the the park and promotes the Escapee philosophy of sharing and caring.  Personal contact is made with each visitor, and members are committed to representing KOFA KO-OP in a positive, friendly and knowledgeable manner.


Bylaws 2020 Rev as of 3_5_20 (pdf)


Membership Park Rules as of 3_5_20 (pdf)


Membership Regulations as of 3_5_20 (pdf)


Waitlist Contract (pdf)


Waitlist Numerical (pdf)