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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you take reservations? 

A:  No, we do not. Please call 928.344.0645 close to your intended arrival date to check availability.  We cannot hold spaces or guarantee availability.

Q:  Can I receive mail while renting? 

A:  Yes, please put your site number in the shipping address.

Q:  What number am I on the Wait List?

A:  Please see the most updated list here or call Lot Transfer at 928.344.0900.

Q:  HELP! I am a KOFA KO-OP Leaseholder and I would like a phone list for the park.

A:  Please click to email office@kofako-op.com with PHONE LIST in the subject line & we will send one right back to you.

Q:  How much is it to get on the Wait List and where can I get the application?

A:  You will find both of these answers in the Files & Download section below.  If you need more information, please call Lot Transfer at 928.344.0900 or email them at ltc@kofako-op.com. If you still have questions you may always call or email the office.

Q:  Do you have free wi-fi?

A:  Yes, there is wi-fi available in the Clubhouse for members and guests.

Q:  How do I add an event to the calendar?

A:  Download a Calendar Event Request form below, or send an email to calendar@kofako-op.com.

Q:  I know someone's lot # but not their name, HELP!

A:   The Leaseholder List by Lot # is available in the Files & Download section below.

Q:  How can I find out when my Escapees membership expires?

A:  You can enter your SKP # here to find out.  

Q: What is "Escapees" and why should I join?  

A:  Find the answer to that question and much more here

Q:  I am not an Escapees member?  How do I join?

A:  Click here to become an Escapees member!

Q:  I have other questions for Escapees, how can I get a person to help me?

A:  Call Escapees at 936-327-8873.

*Please check back for updates, or feel free to submit any questions to webmaster@kofako-op.com*