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How the Park Works

KOFA Ko-op is a not-for-profit corporation with bylaws empowering a Board of Directors to act on its behalf.  The corporate structure, its purposes, rights and limitations; from the bylaws, to the Board of Directors and more are found in the SKP Co-op Directive (click for pdf). 

Articles of Incorporation

 The first step in creating any corporation is enabling its name, its United States IRS code, type of corporation, directors liability and more. Read these articles here (Click for pdf). 


Corporation bylaws are established by the members and maintained by the Board.  These define the powers of the Board of Directors, the rights of membership and more (click for pdf).

Park Rules



  These rules apply to members of KOFA KO-OP, Escapee Members who are park guests, and guests of KOFA KO-OP members

A pdf of these rules is located in our download section below.


  • 1. Speed Limit: The speed limit on all roads is ten (10) miles per hour maximum.
  • 2. Check-in and Out:
  • A.  All members and guests must check in at the office when arriving at the KO-OP. They shall also check out when leaving for more than twenty-four (24) hours. 
  • B.  Rented lots may remain vacant no longer than seven (7) days without expressed consent of management.
  • C.  Renters leaving for emergencies must notify the management.
  • 3. Electrical: All lots are limited to the standard electrical configuration as set forth in the Lot Development Guidelines.
  • 4. Sewage:
  • A.  A dump station is available in the dry camp area for use only by registered guests and leaseholders.  The dump fee is posted at the office for registered guests.
  • B.  A sewer hose must be attached to the RV when dumping.
  • C.  All recreational vehicles must be self-contained. Use of portable toilets (porta-potties) is not permitted.
  • D.  The dump area must be cleaned and the sewer cap replaced after use.
  • E.  Sewer hoses on each full hookup lot must have a tight-fitting connection and be supported so as not to create an air trap. (Yuma County Health Department)
  • F.  Formaldehyde products shall not be used in this park.
  • G.  Household sewage or waste may not be drained anywhere on the park premises except at the disposal area provided.
  • H.  Use of washing machines, dishwashers or garbage disposals in RVs is not permitted.
  • 5. Occupancy:
  • A.  Members or guests using a full hookup site or a site in the dry camp area shall occupy only their assigned site.
  • B.  The residence vehicle permitted on a full hookup site must be positioned with a minimum setback of five (5) feet front, sides and back five (5) feet from full hookup lot lines.
  • C.  Use of dry camp sites is limited to seven (7) days with extension (at the discretion of the manager) if space is available. A minimum of thirty (30) days absence is required between stays in the dry camp area.
  • D.  Leaseholder-sponsored non SKP guests may rent a full hookup site for up to seven (7) days or more when space is available, as determined by the manager, but may not exceed thirty (30) days.
  • E.  SKP guests may rent a full hookup site for up to four (4) weeks. Those aged fifty-five (55) or older may extend their rental agreements.
  • F.  One family or four (4) people may occupy a site. 
  • G.  Lot usage is restricted to two (2) vehicles maximum (two passenger cars or one passenger and one pickup) and one residence unit. One additional uninhabited recreational vehicle is allowed to be parked on member’s lot for a maximum of seventy-two (72) hours for the purpose of loading or unloading contents. An exception will be made for a truck camper or motor home when it is the member’s only source of transportation and is not used for habitation. This vehicle shall not be hooked up to utilities. Motorcycles and bicycles are allowed. All members and registered guests must store their additional recreational vehicle, utility trailer, car dolly and/or boat in the park storage area if space is available. However, with manager’s approval, car dollies may be stored on individual lots behind the RV if space allows. Except as provided above, no vehicle may be parked on the street without approval of the manager.
  • 6. Pets:
  • A.  A maximum of two pets is allowed.
  • B.  A pet shall not be left unattended except in an RV or securely tethered within the perimeter of a lot.
  • C.  Pet owners shall control their pets on handheld leashes, not to exceed ten (10) feet, when off their premises.
  • D.  Pets are not allowed in common use recreation and building areas.
  • E.  Pet owners will pick up and dispose of any pet waste. Violators will receive one management-written warning, then face immediate eviction, if a guest, or be fined, if a leaseholder, in accordance with Membership Regulation 9.
  • F.  Owners shall control their pets so they do not become a nuisance.
  • G.  Owners are responsible for the action of, and damage caused, by their pets.
  • 7. Fire and safety:
  • A.  Fire hose: the second water hose on a full hookup site must remain connected to the extra water faucet. It shall not be used for a supply line to the RV.
  • B.  Fires: outside cooking fires, using charcoal briquettes, LPG, or electric may be used on full hookup sites only. No outside fires are allowed in the dry camp area.
  • C.  Propane tanks: free-standing propane tanks are not allowed in the dry camp area. Free-standing propane tanks up to one hundred (100) pounds may be used on full hookup sites only.
  • D.  Anti-siphon devices are the property of the KO-OP and must not be removed.
  • 8. Quiet Time:  During the hours between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. there shall be no loud music, loud voices, and boisterous activity, annoying bright lights, operating of power equipment or running of auxiliary engines.
  • 9. Generators:  Generators may be used in the dry camp area during the following hours: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • 10. No Smoking:  Smoking is not permitted in or within 20 feet of the clubhouse or laundry/bath buildings or in adjacent patio areas (including pool, shuffleboard, etc.). 
  • 11. Mail:  Guest mail will not be forwarded.
  • 12. Business Signs:  No free-standing signs are permitted within the park. Signs must be flush-mounted on the periphery of the vehicle.
  • 13. Walkways:  Only wheelchairs may be ridden on the walkways.
  • 14. Common Use Areas:
  • A.  May be used by members and guests when not in conflict with scheduled activities. Religious services will be allowed within the common use areas and shall be scheduled by the Activities Committee. Children under sixteen (16) years must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Pool and Shower:
  • 1.  Children under age fourteen (14) years have certain hours when they may use the swimming pool and then only with the attendance of their parent/guardian.
  • 2.  All individuals, regardless of age, with incontinence issues, must wear protective underwear designed for swimming which have tight-fitting leak guards for the waist and legs.
  • 3.  Guests under eighteen (18) years of age will not be allowed in the hot tub.
  • 4.  Children fourteen (14) years old or less should not be allowed in the shower without a parent/guardian of the same sex in attendance.
  • 15. Trash:  Garbage must be securely tied in plastic bags. Empty cardboard containers should be flattened. All trash must be deposited in one of the dumpsters provided in each corner of the park. Aluminum cans should be crushed and deposited in the containers provided. Crankcase oil or batteries shall not be put in dumpsters.
  • 16. Access:  The managers may enter a member or guest site at any reasonable time.
  • 17. Privacy:  Do not trespass!!! All sites are private property.
  • 18. Awnings:  Guests on a full hookup site may use an RV-mounted awning with attached screen room (securely anchored).
  • 19. Rule Violation:  Guests who have violated KOFA KO-OP Park Rules will be evicted promptly by the managers. The evicted guest(s) must leave the park within two hours.
  • 20. Storage Area:
  • A. The storage spaces are for use by members and employees on a first-come, first-served basis. If space is available, registered guests may use an assigned space for storage.
  • B. RVs cannot be occupied while in storage area.
  • C. Anyone desiring to use the storage area shall check with the manager to ascertain if space is available. The manager will assign all storage spaces.
  • D. When all spaces are occupied, a sign-up sheet shall be implemented and maintained on a first-come, first-served basis for leaseholders not currently occupying a storage space.
  • E. You are required to notify the manager if the space is no longer needed. The space would then be filled on a first-come basis or from the waiting list.
  • F. A space user shall maintain his RV in a satisfactory manner so that in case of emergency the RV may be moved.
  • G. Members, employees and guests using the storage areas shall be liable for any damage to KO-OP property/equipment, as well as other personal property. Spaces must be maintained in a clean, orderly fashion.
  • H. Propane must be turned off on all stored equipment.
  • I. Low-profile vehicles should be parked along the south wall of the storage area. (This will give more parking spaces for larger vehicles.)
  • J. It is permissible for two or more leaseholders to share one parking space by mutual agreement.
  • K. Corner areas shall be for emergencies only.
  • L. A member who does not reside in the KO-OP may store an RV in the storage area for a period of not more than twelve (12) months. After that it may be removed at the owner’s expense. During that time the vehicle will be maintained and movable. 
  • 21. Washing of Vehicles:  Vehicle washing is not permitted in the dry camp area. Members and guests may wash vehicles in lots or in designated areas if a hose shut-off nozzle is used.


Membership Regulations




A pdf of these rules is located in our download section below.  

  • 1. Awnings: Soft awnings may be attached to the RV, soft screened and securely anchored. Aluminum awnings attached to an RV or shed, commercially constructed, professionally installed, held up by metal poles and securely fastened in concrete in accordance with county regulations will be allowed. These awnings will be personal property and will not be listed in KO-OP lot inventory but must be negotiated separately. (Reinstated by Board action 1/14/02.)
  • 2. Clotheslines: Members may use an umbrella-style clothesline or one mounted on the RV or shed.
  • 3. Coverage: Under-roof lot coverage is limited to fifty percent (50%). Ten percent (10%) may be used for planting and the balance of the sand shall be covered.
  • 4. Fire Hose: Members must have a fifty (50) foot (minimum) serviceable hose attached to the water faucet at all time.
  • 5. Mail: Limited to one forwarding address on file.
  • 6. Maintenance: A member must remove all weeds, flowers and other vegetation which will not, when unattended, survive the hot summer. Lots that are not maintained by the member will be maintained by the Manager and the member will be charged.
  • 7. Moving: Member must move his/her RV upon request from the Manager when an emergency situation arises.
  • 8. Infractions: 
  • (1) Violation of RV parking rules: $15.00 per day until corrected;
  • (2) Failure to pay electric bills within 30 days from billing: $10.00 per month;
  • (3) a. Failure to pay the annual operating fees by March 31st of each calendar year:
     $25.00 plus 18% late charge per year until paid;
  • b. Failure to pay assessments within 30 days of assessment: $25.00 plus 18%
     late charge per year until paid;
  • (4) Fines and/or fees for all other violations relating to noncompliance with Corporate Bylaws, Leasehold Agreement, Board of Directors operating/management decisions, Membership Park Rules, Membership Regulations and/or Articles of Incorporation, shall be as determined by the Board of Directors.
  • 9. Payments:
  • (1) Operating fees must be paid no later than March 31st of each calendar year. Assessments must be paid within 30 days of assessment.
  • (2) Other fees and fines must be paid within ten (10) days, or before if leaving KOFA KO-OP.
  • (3) Unpaid penalties will be added to the annual fee of the violator.
  • (4) All outstanding fees and assessments must be paid at the office of SKP KOFA KO-OP Retreat, Inc. before a leasehold is offered for trade or sale.
  • 10. Rental Pool: Members must sign a Rental Pool Agreement each time they wish to participate in the Rental Pool program. They must notify Manager seven (7) days prior to canceling the agreement.



Bylaws 2020 Rev as of 3_5_20 (pdf)


Kofako-op.com - Articles of Incorporation[824] (pdf)


Membership Park Rules as of 3_5_20 (pdf)


Membership Regulations as of 3_5_20 (pdf)


SKP Co (pdf)


Members_by_ALPHA (pdf)